Christ, What role does He play?

Christ, what role does he play in my life? I am human and prone to err. I am and shall be held accountable for my mistakes, both in the here and now and in the hereafter. And I have nothing that can appease a just and holy God.  Therefore I need Christ to defend me and atone for my failures. He alone was sinless and worthy in the eyes of God. And what does He expect in return from me? He expects that I amend my ways and follow Him as much as it is humanly possible.  He provides no free ride or an easy road but at times a cross. No one can serve two masters in this world.

The Bible, is it The Holy Book?

Holiness represents the truth about humans and their good as well as bad actions and behavior.  It does not only dwell on the good side of Abraham, Moses or David but equally on their sins. It portrays God not merely as a merciful Father but also as a stern judge. No good deed shall remain un-rewarded and no evil shall escape punishment. That God has not changed in the New Testament ( ). The agent that disclosed the truth and the falsehood was and still is The Spirit of God or The Spirit of the Lord. In the Old Testament, The Spirit of the Lord came upon leaders, judges, kings and prophets. In the New Testament He came to all sanctified believers ( ).  In both Covenants, The Spirit saved and corrected the people from erring. The people filled with The Spirit recorded their failures and successes for posterity ( ). Particularly in The New Testament Jesus instructed his followers to wait for the Holy Spirit to endow and lead them. Hence, what they wrote was and still is of the Holy Spirit ( ). It is the Book of Salvation and there is none other that better represents man’s eternal destiny.