The wren (tinny bird) the Germans call "Fence-King." His chirping sounds like "I am king." The only place the bird can be a king is by sitting on fences. The wren is not narcistic. It is its nature. Unlike the bird, we humans are wrapped in narcism or narcissism. It is excessive self-love and importance. I was nine years old when Stalin traded us to Hitler and we were indoctrinated into the glorious Third Reich. It was Germany over everything in the world. No nose could have been higher than a German nose. Five short years and that glory turned into ashes. Germans were no longer proud of being Germans.

Dear Readers

Your comments and interests in my posts are appreciated and valued. I am not able to reply to all of you. However, a comment like a "red hue" raises concern. As a boy, we were ordered by the Nobles on their horses in Poland to chase the animals into the open so they could kill them. It was a warning cry. Later, the Bolsheviks and Nazis hunted our people and confiscated our properties. In that sense, my posts are "red hues" but also "red flags."


God, how expensive is He? How much does it cost us to worship the Hebrew-Christian God? If He demands that we give a portion of our surplus, where does He want it to go? Before God adopted the Israelites, they worshipped many deities with expensive tastes, even human sacrifices. The "Tenth" they were asked to give was to teach the people how to live without these needless costly religious sacrifices. Jesus revived the same concepts. He too wanted His disciples to teach that God was not part of a system that required enormous sacrifices. He was the God of the living and not of the dead. He evaluates us by the way we treat and respect each other and not by the way we degrade and eliminate each other. The money God wants is to reinvest in us so that we learn how to get along with each other.


The Philistines with Goliath as their weapon intimidated King Saul and the Israeli army. David the shepherd boy leveled the giants with his sling and a small rock. He took on Goliath because he believed that God was on his side (I Sam.17). Someone needs to awaken America and the Western World that the Jihads believe Allah is on their side.

The Other Disciple

Being human, we all need someone to stand beside us; especially when we are not doing very well. We can take a lesson from Peter, the man Jesus had left in charge. He was blessed with exceptional insight (Mt.16: 16) and with mistakes difficult to overcome (Mt.26: 69-75). At least twice, Jesus warned him that he was exposing himself to Satan (Mt.16: 23; Lk.22: 31). On the first Easter, Peter was completely devastated. Would he have become the leader without the help of "The Other Disciple?" Who was that person?

Go and Tell!

Easter morning a young man, in a white robe, said to the women that had come to embalm Jesus, "But go, tell his disciples and Peter" (Mk.16: 1-7). What were they to tell and who needed to know? How could it be that the disciples that were to tell had to be told?