Things turn bad?

We are learning the hard way that good people do things that turn bad for us. That is when the rule of mercy should kick in because mercy begets mercy (Mt.5: 7). We put people in charge with good intentions; but when they do not meet with our needs or even perceptions, we are quick to judge them. Also, we are guilty of pre-judging. Once I voted against a President that initiated policies that turned out right. We are facing a similar situation now and should give our new President a chance for his policies to work. Let us be merciful and not judgmental. Let us not patch a new system with old patches (Mk.2: 21).

In Limbo

Mr. President, you were placed in a unique position to grant our kind the right to live. In stead by your stroke of the pen, you committed us to in limbo. For the sake of passion and pleasure you allowed our mothers to strangle us in their wombs. You see, we shall never be children, youths, adults, or grow old. No thanks to you, we shall never enjoy childhood, youth or adulthood. We shall never watch or participate in games or even dream about having fun. We shall never marry or have families. We shall not even leave behind names to be remembered. Some of us would even have been named after you and your lady or your children.

Need Disciples

Our Church is in the process of catching up with the time. It has at long last agreed that it has too many heads that run too many boards and committees. It is a problem when all the heads want to be chiefs. It is also a problem when one head is the only chief. What then is the solution?

In Jesus’ Name

Prayer, as it was used in the recent inauguration, has become a convenient method to deliver an oratory in fine words. Through it we can praise some, denounce some, insult some, make some feel guilty and even justify some actions and behaviors. It is being assumed that no one should feel offended because prayer is directed at God. Now, does God accept such prayers? Jesus, who urged that man should always pray, did not think so (Lk.18: 1). He gave us direction as to when, where and how we ought to pray.

Only God can defeat it

The enemy that our Western leaders, whether political or religious, cannot, will not or even camouflage has made an inerasable footprint in the Western World. It is the kind of enemy that if one of its agents is killed they expect a medal from their god. President Bush was not the first that stepped into the enemy's trap; however, he was the first for identifying the nature of the enemy and keeping the enemy from inflicting more harm on the world. Regretfully, he used a costly army to keep the enemy at bay. It thus bleeds the resources of this nation and falls further into the enemy trap.

Another Cyrus?

Cyrus, king of Persia, out of gratitude to the God of heaven for subjecting all the kingdoms to him, was stirred by the Lord to return the Jewish captives to their homeland and rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem. It was Cyrus that put Ezra the priest in charge of the project (Ez.1: 1-11). Please note that God motivated a gentile and not one of the chosen people to carry out the plan and promise of the Lord. What does that tell us Christians that have become negligible regarding God's plan and purpose?

Love God

The key to predestination is “love for God” (Ro.8: 26-39). All the words regarding predestination are in this text. Why were these Christians told that if they kept on loving God, they were secure in Christ and nothing could go wrong? What were these Christians facing?

Through People

Jesus promised that when He was lifted up he would draw all men unto himself (Jn.12: 32). He also said that no one could come unless the Father draws him (Jn.6: 44). Then Jesus prayed for those that would believe in the message of his followers (Jn.17: 20). And to Thomas He said, “Blessed are those that have not seen but have believed” (Jn.20: 29). How then does the drawing of people to Christ and God does take place? How does God teach us to follow Christ (Jn.6: 45)?


Cornelius was a Roman officer stationed in Caesarea (Ac.10). He was a God-fearing person and wished to become a Christian. In a dream he was instructed to bring Peter into his home. Peter believed in the election of Israel only and he would never dare to enter a gentile's residence nor eat with a heathen. Peter required three lessons on why God included gentiles in His plan. Election or predestination depended on those that were willing to be chosen and not on a succession by natural birth.

Who Selects

Yes, we are confused with regard to predestination, divine choice and foreknowledge. It is very convenient for Christians and Jews that God does and did everything and to inject any human effort insults God. Many hold to the idea that works negate God's grace. No doubt, God, in Jesus' words, has provided “the way the truth and the life” (Jn.14: 6); but, He also insisted that the choice is ours to accept to be elected in Christ. The election is in and because of Christ and not in anyone single human being (Eph.1: 3-14).