Don’t Touch!

Young people should wear signs, "Look, but do not touch!" The Creator must have had a sense of humor. He made a beautiful and desirable creature Adam called women and then commands, "Hands off!" You can look, peak but not desire or touch. If you do, your eyes will fall out (Mt.5: 27-30).

Easy Road?

Most of us like to travel light, with the wind in our back and solid ground beneath our feet. We want a life with a wide gate and a broad road (Mt.7: 13-14). There are travelers that are fortunate enough that do not face hardships or a taste death (Mt.16: 28). If we do become too comfortable on the broad highway to nowhere, we ought to ask ourselves whether we are still following Christ (Lk.9: 57-62). In this world, the followers of Jesus shall face trouble (Jn.16: 33). Jesus recommended that we look for the narrow gate that leads to a narrow road (Lk.13: 24).

Jesus on the Law!

Jesus declared that He had not come to abolish the Law or the Prophets but to fulfill them (Mt.5: 17). Why then do so many Christians believe that they are exempt from the Law? Jesus opposed only that part of the legal system that had replaced the Law and the Word of God with traditions (Jn.7: 19). Their traditions and wrong application of the Sabbath Law and rituals placed Jesus outside Jewish legalism. One could rescue an animal on the Sabbath but not heal a human being (Mt.12: 11-12).

Will God Act?

We are not the first in time to ask when God will come to our rescue. Habakkuk the prophet cried out, "How long, O Lord, must I call for help, but you do not hear me? Why do I shout violence, but you do not save? Why must I look at injustice and why do you tolerate wrong? I face destruction and violence and I am surrounded by conflict and strife. The wicked have paralyzed the law, disabled the righteous and perverted justice (Hab.1: 2-4)."

Publicity is the Key to Growth.

Recently, I was asked what caused a particular Church to increase suddenly in numbers? After analyzing the situation, it all pointed to one individual that publicized what was in the making at the Church. He wrote an intriguing weekly article for the local paper. He created an atmosphere of anticipation and curiosity that brought people together. Once the people started to attend services, then embracing fellowship and sound Biblical teaching helped make them feel, not just included but needed and wanted. That resulted in the people taking over the publicizing of the Church.

New Bodies In Heaven?

In a recent memorial, my mind was jogged by my mother's fear. She had nightmares about an operation because she wanted a complete body in heaven. She had worse nightmares when I had to have twenty surgeries because of a fire. It was no simple task to assure her that we shall not have to look upon our physical appearance in heaven.

Where To?

Years ago, a cartoon showed two chimps left on a mountain in Tibet, after man had blown himself up. While they looked at each other, the inscription beneath them had the male ask, "Shall we start all over again?" The female replied, "Are we crazy?"


Conservatives resent it when the President apologizes for some of the actions the U.S.A. has taken in the past. They are particularly upset when he depicts Americans as being snobbish. Americans have played more than a vital role for more than a century and deserve recognition. But that does not mean that all American actions and decisions were flawless. The idea that God may have been in charge over this nation is a myth. The founders endorsed Judeo-Christian principles that met their needs. They wanted liberty but not for Slaves and Indians. The way the whites disowned the natives was not exactly ethical. They violated the Tenth Commandment over and over.