Meet the Makarioi (Dispensers of Grace)

A native Christian came to the office of his missionary’s headquarters and asked this question, "What is wrong with us? There are so many of the other denomination in prison and only one of ours." To some, the answer appears to be a lack of trust in the protective custody of God. I was told that things happened to me because I had failed to comply with God's demands. Did not Jesus promise, that not a single hair would be lost without the Father's notice? Yes, Jesus did promise that, ultimately, God would take into account his children's losses; yet, at the same time, God did not spare His own Son from the brunt of persecution. Even when Jesus begged the Father to take the cup of suffering from Him, there was no answer. And those believers, who wanted to escape persecution, Jesus prayed for them that they be kept rather than be taken out this world. Only those, who would endure to the very end of their tribulation, would be rewarded (Mt. 24:13).