How to be a better Person # 35 How Great is God and where is His Kingdom?

How great do we want God to be? How about this, “He is too great to fit in the universe; yet, He is small enough to fit in a human heart.” It is not a mystery, for, “all things are possible with God” (Mk. 10:27). There is no limit to God’s enormity or to His ability to live within a child of God. Jesus said this, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him” (Jn. 14:23). God is Spirit and He can blend with the human spirit any time the human heart opens to faith in Christ (Jn. 4:24). For Paul, the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ are One and the Same; therefore, They lived as One in the believer (Ro. 8:9-17).

Northwest of Eden #22 The Remenant Kingdom

Jesus asked this question, “However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” (Lk. 18:8). The Apostle Peter captured one reason for God’s delay in judging the world. “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (II Pe. 3:9). “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold” (Mt. 24:12). The primary reason for the delay is that the number of those yet to be killed for Christ is not completed (Rev. 6:11). And to those that neglected to attend the Wedding Banquet Jesus said, “For many are called, but few are chosen” (Mt. 22:14). To another group He urged, “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only few find it” (Mt. 7:13-14). Some one asked, “Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?” He said to them, “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to. Once the owner of the house gets up and closes the door, you will stand outside knocking and pleading, ‘Sir, open the door for us.’ But he will answer, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from.’ Then you will say, ‘We ate and drank with you, and you taught in our streets.’ But he will reply, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from. Away from me, all you evil doers!” (Lk.13: 22-27).

Northwest of Eden #24 Armageddon the Last Earthly Kingdom (IDB; Revelation; Daniel 12)

Jesus announced His return with these words: “Immediately after the distress of those days ‘the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’ At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory. And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other” (Mt. 24:29-31). After that, the final struggle between Christ and Satan will commence. It will not be with materially destructive weapons, but between good and evil spirits. The Word of God shall come out of the mouth of Christ and demolish the earthly forces of Satan (Rev. 19:11-18). Before that day of reckoning, God will commission two witnesses to warn the world for three and one half years. But the world will kill them and God will resurrect them and take them up to heaven (Rev. 11:1-14). These are the two olive trees and the two Lampstands that Zechariah linked with Zerubbabel and Joshua, two individuals that represent the resurrection of Israel as a nation and Jesus the Christ and the constant rebirth of New Testament Christianity (Zech. 4). Both, Israel and Christianity were and still are God’s witnesses in the world and are the blot in Satan’s domain on earth that he used to bribe the Son of God (Mt. 4:8-9; Lk. 4:5-8). “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it” (Ps. 24:1); but, Satan was kicked out of heaven and landed on earth and all his efforts are aimed at destroying anything and anyone that links this world with God, Christ or Muhammad (Rev. 12). Muslims should take notice that after they help Satan destroy Judeo-Christianity, he will go after Islam. At the end you may crave to join the followers of Christ and remove the destroyer from the world. Satan and atheism have no place for any religion that believes in a Creator God. Armageddon will be Satan’s last stand against any faith in a supreme God.