Protecting Pacifists

America is the land of milk and honey for passivism. I can become a conscientious objector and insist on refusing to serve in the military or to work on days that conflict with my religion. Suppose we were all passive? Would we enjoy the freedom and protections that we have? Would we have an army or a law-enforcement agency to defend us? We forget that we enjoy a good life because others have laid down their lives for a place such as ours. We definitely forget that principles of value require human sacrifices. Much blood was shed to establish this country and much more to sustain the union and still more to protect our human rights. Where else can we believe and say what we please without any reprisals?

Nature and Man

“Nature shall take care of itself,” is a philosophy that many ascribe to. Nature is self-creating and no one can resist it. Man too is a product of nature. Just how profound is the call of nature? In Poland, my parents had a garden that made the provincial papers. My wife and I purchased a woody place that was like a jungle. My brother came to visit and within a month he had cleared passages for walks. Less than a year later, the jungle returned. I made the mistake of trusting nature to keep the walks open. I lived in a dorm while I attended school. A young person was brought in that had not been exposed to city living, and he proved to be an embarrassment.