Protecting Pacifists

America is the land of milk and honey for passivism. I can
become a conscientious objector and insist on refusing to serve in the military
or to work on days that conflict with my religion. Suppose we were all passive?
Would we enjoy the freedom and protections that we have? Would we have an army
or a law-enforcement agency to defend us? We forget that we enjoy a good life
because others have laid down their lives for a place such as ours. We
definitely forget that principles of value require human sacrifices. Much blood
was shed to establish this country and much more to sustain the union and still
more to protect our human rights. Where else can we believe and say what we
please without any reprisals?

Many have and still do insist that they have the right to do what they believe. How noble will I be when an intruder or terrorist invades my home, rapes my daughter, hurts my wife and holds me at gunpoint? If I am brave enough and testify against the criminal, others shall punish him but not by my hand lest I have his blood on my hands. Wake up pacifist!  I just caused somebody else to sin for me. My blood is now on his hands. All I had to do was secure my home and family by staying alert and having a weapon to discourage invaders. Both are Biblical and constitutional (Gen.9:6; Mt.12:29; 26:52). It is unfortunate that pacifist seek to disarm everyone except the criminals that do not abide by pacifistic laws.   

What about a simple observance like keeping the Sabbath? Why can’t I keep the Sabbath and obey the Lord rather than man? I can obey the Lord all I want, provided I do not cause someone else to sin on my behalf. How do I do that? Suppose I am a physician but will not treat patients on the Sabbath because it is against God’s commandment to keep the Sabbath holy. Another physician has to serve my patients and he then violates the Sabbath on my behalf.  I can apply this ruling to all my conscientious objections and the results shall be the same. I am causing another human being to break God’s law.  Suppose he does not believe as I do? It does not matter because it is not his belief but mine that is in question. It is I who does not understand the reason for a day of rest. The Sabbath was not set up for the Lord but for me (Mk.2:27). I can take off any other day but not on the one when my patient requires my service not my co-worker’s! Jesus declared it lawful to heal on the Sabbath (Mt.12:12).

With the evil and the terrorism that is confronting all of
us, it is a bit too convenient to be a pacifist. In the world of terrorism,
there is no place for passivism. The terrorists that I faced in World War II
were mild in comparison to the ones that threaten us now. Let us make no
mistake and believe that we can make up our minds. They will make them up for
us forever.