shudder to think

Shudder to think about this:

How would the forces of evil go about wiping out the white
segment of humanity and everything that is good?  Instantly, we would name the most fanatical religious terrorists.
Of course, they are a threat to peaceful religions, Christian morals and human
rights. In spite of their serious danger to the world, they are only a
diversion of the forces of evil. The most insidious enemy is a perverted legal
system. All it has to do is legalize same-sex marriages and abortions.

Mark Twine was once asked, what men would be without women?
His reply was  “scarce.” Already Europe
and America are experiencing a decline in the birthrate of the white race.
Russia is offering incentives for having babies and so should we. Our real
enemies are our liberal judges that undermine the divine law of marriage and
procreation (Gen.1:27-28). The destruction of the family precedes the fall of a
nation and a race. This should blow our minds that out of twenty-two
civilizations twenty died of moral decay and only two by the sword. Is the USA
on the brink of it?