Unpleasant Chores

More than ten years ago, our physician had the unpleasant task of informing us that I had cancer. After the treatment, the oncologist informed us that I could not be cured. It was a shock, but small in comparison what Malachi must have felt when he was sent to tell the nation of Israel that it was dying. He, Malachi would be the way between God and the people, and if they would accept his direction, then they would be cured and live. It would become more than that. It would be beautiful again. What were the leaders and people doing wrong and what had they to do to set things right? (Mal.3).

Too Negative!

What would this world be without negatives? Ask a scientist. It is no different in our daily affairs. If I do wrong, then the truth for me is negative. I have discovered that my positive critics have not been as constructive as my negative critics. With my positive friends, everything is just fine, even if I am headed in the wrong direction. My negative friends wave a red flag every time I do or say something that is not quite right. Of course there are those for whom I can do nothing that is right. But I am thankful for the few that redirected my life and my thoughts. It just is not good enough to dismiss me as being too negative. I would like to know when I am wrong, for it helps me find my way.

Three FFF’S

I am that is a fact. I was created that is faith. I have evolved by a mysterious accident that is fiction. I am far too complicated for being the product of two amebas bumping heads. Even then evolutionists have to stipulate the existence of two intelligent amebas. Thus far and without the seed of some form of life, scientists have not been able to create a simple one-cell organism. The search for a link between the animals and man has turned fiction into assumption not in existence.

Hand Outs?

Are you puzzled by Jesus' statement, "The poor you will always have" (Jn.12: 8)? Our Lord was sympathetic towards the genuinely poor. He urged some to give all they had to the poor (Mk.10: 21). They had a good chance to get into God's kingdom (Lk.6: 20), because their spirits were freed from the entrapments of this world (Mt.5: 3). But there are the poor by profession and this kind cannot be eliminated, regardless of what shall be shelled out to improve their lot. They make it their business to be among us.

Define God?

Jesus, our supreme authority on God, defined God as being Spirit (Jn.4: 24). Can science dissect the molecules of a spirit? It is absurd because a spirit has no molecules. But God is not a spirit but Spirit. Before creation began, the Spirit, or breath of God was hovering over the unformed mass (Gen.1: 2). This Spirit is being, energy or source of power that can wheel the entire universe. The immensity of Spirit is beyond our comprehension. Our planet earth is but a speck in the Spirit's domain.

Pharaoh’s Dreams, what do they teach?

Pharaoh, king of Egypt, was God's choice to preserve His people. He dreamed that seven lean cows ate up seven fat cows. And again, he dreamed that seven thin heads of grain swallowed seven healthy heads of grain. All the Egyptian magicians were at a loss. The chief baker remembered, while in prison, that a Hebrew prisoner had accurately interpreted his dream. Joseph was brought in and interpreted for Pharaoh the two dreams. First, there would be seven years of prosperity and then seven years of famine. Pharaoh saw God's hand on Joseph and placed him in charge (Gen.41).


The Ancient Greeks believed that no one could step into the same river twice. The Bible insists that everything but God changes and life is but mist (Ps.39: 5; Ja.4: 14). I look in a mirror and compare my face with an old photo and you can guess what I see. I am changing in front of my own eyes. It became even clearer when I had one eye corrected with surgery. There just is no consistency and no trust in anything or anyone. And the reason is because of constant inconsistencies (Ja.1: 22'25).

TRUST GOD: Do I trust Me?

It sounds profound and religious, but I am not quite certain what it means to trust God? Can I sit back and He will take care of me? Can I stick out my neck and have Him save me from making a fool of myself? Can I say something I should not have said and have God straighten it out for me? This kind of logic leads nowhere and spells trouble.

The Ninth Commandment!

The Ninth Commandment, "You shall not bear false witness," has been perhaps the most difficult stumbling block for mankind (Ex.20: 16). It is troubling when the President thinks that jailing terrorists was an incentive to recruit more terrorists. The President is entitled to his opinion; only he has been misinformed. History and the facts contradict such an assumption. Let me be bold enough to relate my experience as to who the real culprit is that incited saboteurs and terrorists in Word War II.