Christmas is about a baby - the Baby Jesus. Many believe that babies begin at conception. The Bible does not quite agree with that view. The Bible informs us that before the world came into existence, God already had in place every human being to be born. Conception of a human being took place in the mind of God (Eph.1: 4). For that reason, every human baby is holy unto the Lord (I Cor.7: 14). The Bible also tells us that the people God needs shall be born with God's help and protection. By human capability, Sarah was too old to bear Isaac (Gen.18: 10-15). The baby Moses was saved by those that intended to kill him (Ex.1: 1-10). Hannah was barren; yet, she gave birth to Samuel (I Sam.1). Then we have a virgin bear a son whom we worship as our Lord and Savior (Lk.1: 26-38).

Babies represent God with us!

Do babies go to heaven when they die? We have lost a grandson. He lived only one day. Religious leaders have done many things, like christening so they shall not be lost. It is an act that dedicates or places babies in God's care. Beyond that, we have to trust someone that knew what happens. That one was Jesus, the Son of God, that came down to earth as a baby. Please note: It was in the baby that God was with man (Mt.1: 23). For that reason, we celebrate Christmas because it is the evidence that God loves us.


The Church Fathers used apologetics to defend the Gospel of Jesus, the Christ. Because of Him, we have the greatest beneficial time of the year. Several years ago, my wife and I attended a Christmas celebration. The MC began apologizing for not saying, "Merry Christmas." To me, it was an outright denial of the reason why we have such a happy and prosperous season.

Fig Tree

In a few days winter shall be upon us. Our fruit trees appear dead. We too learn from our trees. In Jesus time the Fig Tree was a calendar. When it budded and leaves began to emerge, summer was soon to come. The leaders had no trouble interpreting the fig tree but they were blind with regard to the events that pointed to hard times ahead (Mt.24: 32-35). Jesus had the destruction of Jerusalem in mind that would take place in their generation. That same generation would miss the signs that there would be evil days ahead and no escape from them (Mk.13: 1-2). Just like the fig tree cannot change and is expected to bear figs, so are certain events and old ideologies that lead to definite conclusions.


Recently a gentleman insisted that the Constitution separated the Church from the State. That is absolutely incorrect. In fact, the U.S.A. Constitution protects religion. It is the Communist Manifesto that separated the two and outlaws religion, particularly Christianity. It is unfortunate that some religious groups endorse the separation between Church and State. I too belong to such a denomination. The Marxist dogma has influenced the Church and our present government. The truth is, we are wrong. Let us look at some Biblical references.