The Church Fathers used apologetics to defend the Gospel of Jesus, the Christ. Because of Him, we have the greatest beneficial time of the year. Several years ago, my wife and I attended a Christmas celebration. The MC began apologizing for not saying, “Merry Christmas.” To me, it was an outright denial of the reason why we have such a happy and prosperous season.

Last Saturday in the afternoon, friends invited us to the Philadelphia Church in Ballard for a Christmas Concert. The sponsor was the Seattle Seachordsmen (a Barbershop group). What a delight and joy it was to be back in Christmas. Not a single word of Apology was heard. There had to be joy in heaven. The heavenly choristers had come back to earth and exalted the Birthday Child. Three choirs sang in harmony and the angels could not have done better.

I am responding in gratitude to these choirs and quartets for lifting our spirits back into the arms of Jesus. I do invite you to watch for these groups that I am mentioning and let them cheer you back into Christmas. These are people that love to sing. Their songs about Christmas caused them to excel.

These groups were: the Seattle Seachordsmen directed by Jeremy Matheis, the Seattle Shores Chorus (colorful ladies) directed by Judy Cooper-MacLaren and the Ballard High School Concert Choir directed by Courtney Rowley. The High-School group shall be performing in New York City around Christmas. We wish these wonderful singers that warned our hearts the very best in the Name of God’s Christmas Gift.

Should you happen to see their names then do not miss to take in their “Gifts of Music at Christmastime.” You too will feel that you are back in Christmas and proudly wish everyone a very, “Merry Christmas!”