Fig Tree


In a few days winter shall be upon us. Our fruit trees appear dead. We too learn from our trees. In Jesus time the Fig Tree was a calendar. When it budded and leaves began to emerge, summer was soon to come. The leaders had no trouble interpreting the fig tree but they were blind with regard to the events that pointed to hard times ahead (Matthew 24:32-35). Jesus had the destruction of Jerusalem in mind that would take place in their generation. That same generation would miss the signs that there would be evil days ahead and no escape from them (Mark 13:1-2). Just like the fig tree cannot change and is expected to bear figs, so are certain events and old ideologies that lead to definite conclusions.

We too have a fig tree with buds on it. It is early. Summer is two seasons away. It could even be years before we shall see figs on it. However, we can be absolutely sure that it will remain a fig tree. And so are the events that point in a direction that spells disaster for all of us. I see the events differently from our progressive politicians that seek to manage our lives. I already lived through such a period. Long before World War II began, the political climate indicated that it was time for our people to leave the country. We hesitated and paid dearly. We came to this part of the world and now we see similar signs pointing to harmful changes. What is ironic is that the changes are emerging from people that once were enslaved and even persecuted. We think we would have learned our lessons from the past. Are we perhaps pushing our luck too far?

We also chose this country for religious reasons. The political climate was suitable for religious freedom, particularly for a variety of Christian groups. All that has drastically changed. Christian principles interfered with progressive plurality. It had nothing to do with plurality but with morality and in particular with Christian morals. Christianity has been tolerant of political and religious persuasions. The other religions have far stricter codes of ethics and are intolerable toward other faiths and politics. Still, our progressive leaders fail to connect the killings, the war abroad, the indebting of this nation as evidence that they are aiding a religious take over of this country and the world. One leadership can wipe out a country. I have lived in such countries and I do see where we are being led. Jesus warned, “By their fruit you will recognize them” (Matthew 7:16).