Fifty years ago, we sang, "Give me the Old Time Religion." Change was in the works. The majority of us did not take change serious. Some leaders attempted change on a larger scale but soon learned that the people were not ready for it. There was no script to guide the people. The first act was to modernize the history and the text that would justify change. With regard to the nation, the history of the founders had to be secularized and the Constitution turned into a living document. This revised interpretation of the nation's Manifesto has become the sole authority over everyone. It has become more powerful than a theocracy, a monarchy or a dictatorship. It is tragic that it has also become a tool to reform this nation into that it was never intended.


Thomas Hardy, Christmas, 1924 wrote: "Peace upon earth was said; we sing it and pay a million priests to bring it. After two thousand years of mass, we've got as far as poison gas." Since then we have had the "H" bomb and the nuclear with no peace in sight. These devastating weapons were developed in countries where the peace of God in Christ was being proclaimed. The reason for their existence is that they were meant to be deterrents against those that intend to destroy our freedom. To our horror, human bombers are replacing our expensive chemical weapons. How can we reverse this trend?


Last Sunday I saw myself behind a pulpit and felt guilty over the use of "you" rather than the "we." My memory awakened to the past when I told the people, "you must repent, you must forgive, you must get right with God" and so on. Inadvertently, I was separating myself from my flocks. No wonder they perceived me as being on a higher level in my religious life. Without my cognizance, they were afraid to come to me for guidance. The "you" had separated me from the "we." I should have gone with my people to do what I had told them to do.


President Obama's talks often begin with "Let me be clear." Then he adds, "My salvation depends on collective salvation." Instantly, different conclusions are drawn. Black liberation theologians see the distribution and equalization of wealth. The Glen Beck program with some Christian clergy denied collective salvation in favor of personal salvation. Their distinction on personal and collective salvation made me go back to the Bible for clarity. Well, the Bible does endorse their views as partial and not as the whole truth. In fact, they are interdependent and we cannot have one without the other.


We are living in a progressive nightmare. Every generation regarded itself as being progressive but none as much as ours has. For example, the Bible for centuries was accepted with minor changes. Today we have many versions with cultural and linguistic changes. Even Jesus has become a contemporary. In our church, we honor the Trinity in a traditional and contemporary in separate services. It is troubling that both are accepted by God but not by the people. It is equally inapprehensive that what is traditional was once contemporary. These irreconcilable differences do not only plague our Christian faith but also the constitutionality of our nation.


It is the transfer of thoughts between minds without the assistance of our normal sensory channels. There are people that pretend to read minds and predict pleasant results for a fee. Then there are people that predict events based on their belief or understanding of certain events. Our minds are being bombarded with positive and negative messages. I am concerned with Bible based predictions that promise us shelter from tribulations yet to come. I am also concerned that good Christian leaders transmit damaging information. We do need to test the spirits that nag at our brain (I Jn.4: 1). We too need to take notice what the Lord said to Jeremiah. He denied having sent the fortune - tellers (Jer.27: 15).


I prefer to be theocratic to being atheistic. I just do not have enough faith to trust in nothing. I like believing in a Supreme Being that holds everything in His hands including little me. I like The One that is good and made everything good and not one that is destructive. I like Him who made me in His image and expects me to behave accordingly. I like it even more when I am allowed to choose and do what pleases Him.