Partners with the Holy Spirit: Part #35

The Book of Revelation is no mystery nor is it a human product of imagination! The Book of Revelation is an accurate covert account of the struggle between the forces of good and evil. Both sides, good and evil, need men and women to fight for them. And what is the fight all about? It is about “God’s Image and God’s Likeness” called “man.” It was about Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jesus, Peter, and down to you and to me. Both sides want human loyalty and human devotion. Revelation unveils, to us, how the conflict between good and evil will end, with Christ the Lamb as the victor and with Satan as the doomed one forever. Revelation is a projected blueprint of the final stage of human history and the world. Revelation is the harvest of the world! And man has and man continues to reap what he/she has sown. The ending of the Book of Revelation is the beginning for every believer. Without the projected intentions of God and the Lamb in The Book of Revelation, the salvation of man and the world is incomplete. To accomplish God’s redemptive purpose, man must partner with the Spirit of God.

Partners with the Holy Spirit: Part #34

The Book of Revelation contained a timely message for a dispersed and persecuted people in captivity. It was to Jesus that God revealed His secret, and in a covert language, through an angel, to his servant John Zebedee. John, himself, was in the Spirit when he received the news that the Risen and Glorified Christ was getting ready to return to earth and set things right for the people of God. In what shape and form would the King of the universe reign on earth? Would the spirits of the dead, who are in heaven, assume human bodies like their King did on His first visit to earth? Revelation agrees with the Gospels that Christ, on His return, would be visible to the people on earth (Matthew 24:30; 26:64; Mark 13:26-27; 14:62; Revelation 1:7).