I define impartiality as being fair with those and with whom we disagree. I had teachers that graded me on their opinion and not on my work. I was also blessed with teachers that disagreed with me and still gave me their highest rating. It is tragic when leaders, teachers or ministers assume the roll of being the final authority on the subject. The discoveries and invention that have been made thus far are but a drop in a bucket. A wise man once said, "Eye has not seen nor ear heard what God has prepared for those that love (trust) him" (1Cor.2: 9). Man will never reach the end of knowledge because every generation thinks it has found the truth.

God Rests

The Bible tells us that God, after He had completed the world and everything in it, He rested on the seventh day. The Bible also tells us that God trusted man (Adam) with the management of the world and everything that is in it (Gen.1: 26-31). Does the word "rest" imply that God took a break or that He retired? The unexpected tragedies and occurrences appear to support the absence of God. It is difficult for me to accept such conditions as willful acts of God, especially when He intended everything to be good. For that reason, I believe in what Jesus said to Peter that Satan was after him and that he is in the world creating havoc with us and the world Lk.22: 31; Rev.12: 9).

God Wills?

Frequently, we say, "If God wills, we shall be or do whatever?" What is it that God really wills for us? For instance was it His will that I had to be disabled in 1951? For a time, I was led to believe that the accident had to occur so that I was compelled to serve God. A closer look at the Bible suggests six basic things God wills for us.

Up To Us

I turned on the tube to hear some uplifting news and what did I hear the preacher say? There will be one million children homeless because of marital problems. It can be resolved by turning it over to God, who happens to be loving and merciful and forgiving. Are we surprised with that kind of teaching? I am convinced that this pussycat theology is causing sexual promiscuity. We make our beds, we sleep in and not God. And we are paying dearly for perverting God's intention for marriage.

Above Rubies!

September 1939, war had come to our peaceful place. Father had to return to his Polish unit to fight Germans. That night, in our town, all German men, women and older children were incarcerated, ill treated, and some were even killed. The same men came looking for father, but left mother alone. The second night, they came back and began looking for things we did not have. The third night, they were back but we went into hiding in different places for three weeks, until the Soviets liberated us. One night, mother hid us in a stack of straw and covered us with her body. Yes, she would have given her life to save her boys. She was, "Above Rubies!" At that time, I was nine and my brothers were seven and five.


We are living in a historic time. So, our leaders tell us. Everything our President does is being interpreted as historic. It may have happened elsewhere, like in Germany, Russia and a few other places, but not in America. Of course our President is a genuine Afro-American. Indeed, he had an African father and a white American mother. He is also a product of two religions, Christianity and Islam. That too is historic.