Partners with the Holy Spirit: Part #39

Preparing the way for Christ did not end with John the Baptist, but it merely opened the way for men and women, young and old to open their hearts and make their hearts fit for Christ to take up residence. Man must remove the debris from his heart before the Holy Spirit can partner with a man and help him lead a clean and holy life. It is for that reason, even after Christ has been here, and His Spirit is standing by to inhabit the human spirit, God continues to send prophets, apostle, teachers an example to prepare human beings for salvation. And it is up to man to work out his salvation and not to Christ (Luke 11:49; Philippians 2:12). The Apostle, whom Jesus chose directly (Act 9:15-16), commanded his Roman Christians to stop sinning that jeopardized their salvation:

Paerners with the Holy Spirit: Part #38

The Holy Spirit is more concerned about a person’s soul than the person him/herself. The reason is that the Holy Spirit is more outside the human heart than He is inside the heart. Men treat the Holy Spirit as if He were a guest or a physician needed for certain ailments or problems, rather than as a present resident. It was Jesus, the Lord’s wish and the Lord’s promise, to “live-in” with his disciples and not be on a “stand-by” when He is needed:

Partners with the Holy Spirit: Part #37

God and man interacted in a direct relationship. However, sin did not dare to face God! And therefore, the Israelites begged Moses to be the go-between them and God. Moses set up the Levites as the mediators, and the Church followed this tradition with the clergy as the “go-between” God and man. On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit took over the role of the mediator. The Holy Spirit became directly available to every person.