Rev Daniel Kolke Memorial Fund

Dan was a prolific writer, authoring numerous articles and publishing one book. He completed forty manuscripts, 130 studies/articles and has published 1,373 articles on his weekly blog, “Stop and Think.” Dan’s writings represent religion and ideologies through the eyes of different cultures and languages using the original texts, which he fervently studied to present Jesus’ Words as the ultimate authority of our faith.

He wished for his works to be published for future generations to reflect upon his studies. For this reason we have established a memorial fund to accomplish the goals he had for his works.

Personal Books:

Danush “Against All Odds”
Olga “My God and I” 1978
“Spaceling Visits Earth” 1972 (Satire)
“The Church and Her Walls” (Revelation), published 1973

Life Study Books:

Armed with Prayers
Are there Camels in Heaven?
A “Sandle” for a Bride
David: “The Shepherd King”
Dealing with Evil
Enoch: “The Man that did not Die”
Ethics for the Kingdom on Earth
God’s Promises: “Adam and the Promises”
God’s Promises to Man and the World
How to be a Better Person
Jonathan: “The True Friend”
Joseph: “A Man of Dreams” (The Parent’s Favored)
Lazarus and His Kin
Living in Grace
Northwest of Eden
NWE: The Heavenly Kingdom (CV)
NWE: The Priestly Kingdom (CV)
NWE: The Theocratic Kingdom (CV)
Partners with the Holy Spirit (in progress on internet 200 chapters)
Presentation of The Gospel
Tabitha: “A Lady With Two Lives”
The Beloved John: “The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved”
The Beloved John: “Let’s Have A Talk With John”
The Book of Ruth
The Boy Who Followed Jesus
The Concerns and Prayers of Jesus
The Covenant
The Epistle of Straw (by James, the Half-Brother of Jesus)
The Eyewitnesses of Jesus
The Heirs of the Kingdom: “The Church”
The Kings: “David, Jeroboam, Rehoboam”
The Man From Moontown “Zacchaeus”
The “Makarioi” Blessed Are You
The Mystery Person “Was it John Mark?”
The “Prince” Among Pigs
The Son of Man (Dan’s Doctoral Thesis) 1970’s
The Star And The Kings
The World Traveller

Studies and Articles:
A Mother’s Love
Abortion and Its Terminator
Are We Offended by Jesus
Belshazzar Son of Nebchadnezzar (Daniel 5)
Bible Hate
Born Again
Bread and Politics
Care “Does God Care?”
Daniel’s Dream: “What Do They Mean?”
Deception Shall Abound
Children Teachers
Christmas Is Forever
Clean Feet
Creating Lasting Values
Deception Shall Abound
Define God
Define Faith
Discerning, Is It Judging?
Divine Limitations
Early Church and the Promise
Elijah’s Mantle: “Are you the ONE who was to come?
Emptying the Cross
Endless Eternity
Fear That Endureth and Saves
Finding Fault
Foot In Heaven How Can That Be?
Grace Defined
Greater Love
He Feared
How Great is GOD and Where is His KINGDOM?
Immunized In Grace And Love More Than Once
I Need God’s Word To Guide Me
In The Beginning
Jesus’ Kingdom And The Promises
Judgment Day
Last Witnesses Of The Risen Christ
Leadership Guidelines
Let Live
Life On Earth
Love Without Bread
Morals of a Wacky World
More Value Than A Sparrow
My Confession (DAK) 2002
No God Country
No Greater Love Than This!
Mr. Negative
Obedience “Do What He Tells You”
“Please Heal Me, Lord”
Pray For Our Daily Bread
Prayer Makes Blessing Multiply
Prayer “Teach Us To Pray”
Presenting of the Gospel
Response to Jimmy Carter’s on “Homo Sexuals”
Request of Jesus: “Teach Us to Pray”
Scared and Sacred Hands
Sex-Mess (With Bible References)
Sex-Mess Short Version
Sin is not Exactly the Topic that Receives much Attention
Solving Problems
Son Of Man
The Adversary Satan the Devil
The “Makarioi” (Short Version)
The Breath of God Is Life
The Eyewitnesses of the Risen Jesus
The Fear Of The Lord
The Fifth Commandment
They Found Joy
The God In Me: “You Are Gods”
The Holy Spirit
The Incarnation “The Word became Flesh and Lived Among Us”
The Last Hour
The Loss of the Holy Spirit
The Lost Image of God in Isaiah
The New Being
The Origin of Sin
The Passover and the Lamb of God
The Shekinah Glory In Us
The Trinity
Truth “What Is It?”
The Unredeemable Sin: “The Sin That Will Not Be Forgiven”
The Ugly Word “Sin”
The Women in Jesus Life and Ministry
Unaware Angels
Why God Why?
Wake Up!

Dan wrote his own curriculum for these lectures (1970’s)

“With Jesus Through the Ages”
“The Origin of Primitive Christianity”
“Introduction to the New Testament”