Does God Need a House?

Architecture has found religion a fertile ground for its art and skills. Our Cathedrals, Temples and places of worship are glorious monuments to God and to Christ. Enormous costs and sacrifices have given us these magnificent religious architectures for archeological purposes. It shall prove to posterity that our ancestors were religious. How did it all begin? How can one built a House for God?


Sunday morning is when I like to listen to an edifying religious program. Some of my favorite speakers have moved up and some no longer can afford T.V. time. Those that can stay on the tube, prey on my gullibility. They rise like a mushroom and appear very tasty and make me feel they are like me. After several sessions, they fall into a pattern that yields authenticity to their mission. They want me to believe that they were commissioned and even sent of God and Christ. They interpret and dwell on events in their lives as direct acts of God. And I dare not question their sincerity.

Eightieth Birthday

I am Daniel Arthur Kolke, born March 13, 1930 in Kurgany Poland (now part of the Ukraine). I was named after my mother's brother and generally I was called Danush, Danja, and Danl. In Canada, I became Dan and Danny. As a child, we had little time to play. I was employed at six, doing chores, even attending cows. We made our balls out of cow hair, and toys out of discarded materials. Father was not paid with currency but with goods. One time he got a horse that horse almost killed me.