Politicians appear rather fond of acting and deciding inadvertently; then they want the people to be inadvertent (overlook) about their blunders. What are we to make of it?

Fifty-nine years ago, I was hurt inadvertently and it left me handicapped for the rest of my life. To nobody’s fault, I bear the hardships, inconveniences, and pain. As I am growing older, my condition has worsened. Is this what the people of this nation shall face?

Curiosity urged me to look up the word and the definition frightened me. It has to do with being careless, heedless, inattentive, negligent, unintentional, and unmindful. It is being used to excuse one’s irresponsibility towards the actual needs of the people or a nation. Inadvertent decisions can linger and plague a people for years to come. Yet, our politicians are using this inadvertent approach to in-act programs that predict grave consequences. What is really troubling is that these politicians want the public to believe that they act in its behalf and that they are correcting the errors of their predecessors.

This political problem is a direct result of our lack of a moral conscience. We do not want morality make us take responsibility for our actions and decisions. In particular, many Christians have resigned all responsibility to God and Christ. We have become experts in inadvertent behavior and deeds. When we are called to do our public duty, we leave our morality at home or in our Churches. We become soul-less persons making decisions that shall burden our descendants.

Jesus gave us an example as to what happens to a person that is inadvertent. The king invited his guests to attend the wedding of his son. Everybody except one was dressed, accordingly. This one person inadvertently did not think is necessary to comply with the conditions of the royal banquet. The king himself had this person removed and thrown out into the dark where there shall be “weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 22:1-14). The “weeping and gnashing of teeth” is the direct result of the inadvertent actions and decisions that we all make. It is not without reason that the Bible declares: “A man reaps what he sows” (Galatians 6:7) and so does a nation. Jesus was adamant about wrong actions. If we do not correct our mistakes, we will be imprisoned until we pay the last penny (Luke 12:57-59).