Disputing: Keep the World out!

From day one, the world was and still is hostile to Jesus and His teaching. His followers had to separate from the Jewish religion, the dissenters, non-conformists, Pilgrims and Puritans had to leave Europe and now the true followers of Jesus must stop adjusting to the godless ways of the Western World. Worldly ways must be kept out of a Christian's life and a Christian has no place chumming with sinners (Jn.17: 14; IICor.6: 14-18; Ps.1). "Be not deceived, evil communications corrupt good manners" (I Cor.15: 33). It has become difficult to separate Western Christians from their world.

Rapture: What is it?

The word "Rapture" has many Christians believe that they shall be removed from this world prior to the worst persecutions ever. It is a comforting concept for American Christians but not at all where persecutions rage. It was not for us when we were driven from our homes, threatened with our lives and coerced to deny our faith.

Inalienable Rights: Memorial Day!

We memorialize those that have died to preserve our inalienable rights. My father was a Polish soldier when World War II began. We lost loved ones because of the war. My wife lost her father and a brother. It was all because some perverted mind wanted and still wants to rule the world. The unifying redemptive message of Christ has kept falling on deaf ears. The framers of the Declaration of Independence believed that the Creator endowed humans with certain inalienable rights. That concept has always been threaten and in particularly now. The Ten Commandments protected these rights and held us accountable. Now we rely on the sword to keep us free. According to Jesus, "Those that live by the sword shall die by the sword," (Mt.26: 52).

We The People?

Our last Presidential election has urged me to reacquaint myself with the founders of our nation. They regarded themselves as being representatives of the people; hence, the Constitution began with, "We the People." I have come to believe it was a misnomer. It should have begun, "We the Ruling Body." They were acting in the form of an Oligarchy and not as elected representatives. They had to start some place and hoped that posterity would maintain an Elected Republic. For the founders the Constitution was their Will or Last Testament for a nation that would be different from any other.


Paul the Apostle counseled, "If you think you stand, see to it that you do not fall" (I Cor.10" 12). Fallibility was and still is man's curse. It was one of the primary reasons why the founders of this nation wanted to be governed by a document rather than by a monarchy, an oligarchy or a democracy. These Pilgrims, Puritans and Separatists had learned the hard way that sinful human hearts could not be trusted to write fair, impartial and just laws (Ro.3: 23; Jer.17: 9-10). The framers, like their predecessors, believed firmly in the laws of a higher power. Thomas Jefferson for instance, did not accept the miracles of Jesus; but to run a country without the Ten Commandments and the Ethics of Jesus was inconceivable. He also believed that man would become more perfect than his generation was.


I had finished my Th.D., three years beyond a Ph.D. and three dissertations and I was doing what was considered good. Then an honorary D.D. suggested bluntly and showed me how I could do better. Hesitantly, I corrected my way and I was doing better. I could have said like so many do, "Stop judging me!" How can we be corrected if we do not want to be judged or analyzed? I learned the hard way that there is more than being good, there is being better. I can be wrong, but I must not persist in it. If I do, it shall become bad. Neither should I correct someone that is better than I am. Our world is filled with experts that stand in dire need to be corrected.

Upset over Prayer?

Conservatives were upset because the President did not join them on the National Day of Prayer. He preferred to pray in private just as Jesus has suggested we do (Mt.6: 6-8). It would also not have been appropriate to side with Christians and not with other faiths. That may become a serious problem for the President when he sides with those that hate Christians. Prayer is only effective when two or three agree in the name of Jesus (Mt.18: 19-20; Jn.3: 13). Access to God is granted only through Christ (Jn.14: 6; Ro.5: 2). Being in Christ may be a problem for all of us. Our deeds do give credence to our confessions that Christ is Lord (Mt.7: 21-23). And that may sever our prayer line with heaven.

Virgin-Mother: Happy Mother’s Day!

The news is again stressing women's rights to abortion. In the Bible, the pride of a nation is a woman's right to be a mother or to give life to a new human being. God could do without a man but not without a Virgin. Mary was the true instrument of life, even to the Son of God. She gave birth to Immanuel or "God with us" (Mt. 1: 18-22). She consented to be a mother by saying, "Lord, I shall be your servant. Be it unto me as you have said" (Lk.1: 38). With her willingness to co-operate with God, the world changed.

Too Much Good!

I have been pondering as to how much good can be too much and hurt us? Jesus asked the question, "What good is it for a person to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his/her soul?" (Mk.8: 36). What benefit is there to store up enough for several life spans and live not long enough to enjoy a fraction of it (Lk.12: 13-21)? What gain is there in freedom when we use it for the wrong purpose (I Cor.6: 12-20)?

Meet My Need!

We like to hear often that God would supply all our needs (Phi.4: 19). I must be doing something wrong or I am not getting what Paul meant? All the explanations that I have been gathering are inconsistent with Paul and with Jesus. Paul was content with nothing (I Tim.6: 8). Jesus had nowhere to lay his head (Mt.8: 20). Jesus told us that we ought to live like the birds (Mt.6: 25-34). Have we seen birds sit still? Paul lived off the people he preached to and Jesus had wealthy woman care for him (Mk.15: 41).