Inalienable Rights: Memorial Day!


We memorialize those that have died to preserve our inalienable rights. My father was a Polish soldier when World War II began. We lost loved ones because of the war. My wife lost her father and a brother. It was all because some perverted mind wanted and still wants to rule the world. The unifying “Redemptive Message of Christ” has kept falling on deaf ears. The framers of the Declaration of Independence believed that the Creator endowed humans with certain inalienable rights. That concept has always been threaten and in particularly now. The Ten Commandments protected these rights and held us accountable. Now we rely on the sword to keep us free. According to Jesus, “Those that live by the sword shall die by the sword” (Matthew 26:52).

Our problem is that we no longer understand our rights. The people that settled this continent were Bible believing Christians in search of freedom. To understand these rights, long before there was a Constitution, these settlers introduced compulsory education in order to understand their rights. Schools and colleges began as moral and religious institutions. Moral standards were the same for private and public life, for the Church and the state. And there was no disagreement as to what these moral guidelines were. For instance, the Baptist in Connecticut were not concerned with morality, but with their religious convictions. Thomas Jefferson assured them that their convictions would not be interfered with. And the Churches had no reason to interfere with government because morality was essential to their existence.

The leaders of the “New Nation” became too self-confident and it took the Biblical Laws for granted. A new progressive secular awakening began to re-educate the population from kindergarten through college and beyond in order to separate the nation from her Judeo-Christian roots. New legalists began to assign new meaning to the “inalienable rights.” Christian principles had been misapplied to Native American, slaves, women’s rights, and a host of other grievances. Politics called for a set of rules that were different from the Bible. Science made new discoveries that disagreed with creation. It brought us weapons that can obliterate us all. Christianity became the enemy of progress and science the mother of creation and of our woes. And these are just the beginning of our woes (Revelation 8:13).

On Memorial Day, we honor the fallen. But many of us credit our “inalienable rights” to the God and Father of Jesus the Christ, our Lord.