Virgin-Mother: Happy Mother’s Day!

VIRGIN-MOTHER: Happy Mother’s Day!

The news is again stressing women’s rights to abortion. In the Bible, the pride of a nation is a woman’s right to be a mother and to give life to a new human being. God could do without a man, but not without a Virgin. Mary was the true instrument of life, even to the Son of God. She gave birth to “Immanuel God with us” (Matthew 1:18-22). She consented to be a mother by saying, “Lord, I shall be your servant. Be it unto me as you have said” (Luke 1:38). With her willingness to co-operate with God, the world changed.

A mother, especially a virgin-mother, is a handmaid of heaven and her fruit is God’s blessing to her people (Genesis 2:21-24). Life is God’s gift to mankind because His Breath and His Spirit breathes in every human being (Genesis 2:7). And every human being, like the Son of God, has an essential task in the world. To terminate just one life breaks an endless chain and leaves a huge vacuum. In fact, because of that one loss, an entire generation may suffer severe hardships, like having no one to pay for their retirement.

Liberated women, who advocate freedom of choice, do not hear too well the cry of the Western World. Abortion, birth control, and same sex marriage shall obliterate the culture of the nations in Europe within twenty-five years and in North America within fifty years. Statistics are now available that predict unless we have 2.11 children per family, our culture shall be replaced by a culture that protects mothers and children. America’s survival depends at the present on Latino immigrants that still have 2.11 children per family. America can hasten her demise by importing Muslims that have an 8.1 ratio. Muslims do not integrate with other cultures.

It is doubtful that our secularized society shall abandon its godless pursuit of pleasure and recognize the urgent necessity to elevate virgins and mothers. Like the Virgin Mary, the Western World needs women that shall consent and say, “Lord, we shall be your servants. We shall obey your commandment and replenish our declining population” (Genesis 1:28). And the men, like Joseph, shall not renege from their responsibility of being fathers. The men should regard themselves as being partners with the Creator of life (Matthew 1:20-25). There is no higher calling than being a mother and a father. But it is up to the women to say no to pleasure hunting males, and say yes to God! Women, you have the power to change the direction in which our culture is moving. Mary did with the help of God.