Up To Us


I turned on the tube to hear some uplifting news and what did I hear the preacher say? There will be one million children homeless because of marital problems. It can be resolved by turning it over to God, who happens to be loving, merciful, and forgiving. Are we surprised with that kind of teaching? I am convinced that this pussycat theology is causing sexual promiscuity. We make our beds, we sleep in and not God. And we are paying dearly for perverting God’s intention for marriage.

We have become a people that have created an agenda and have submitted it to God for approval. In fact, we blame Him for putting desire into our hearts to want what is not ours. We have circumvented God’s Laws (commit no adultery and covet not) with grace. In the process we have overlooked that the messenger and the very content of grace reinforced the Law (Matthew 5:17). Jesus did not abort marriage that was instituted by God (Matthew 19:4-6). If we do, God will judge us Himself (Hebrews 13:4). If our eyes, hands or feet lead us into infidelity, we are told to undergo amputation (Matthew 5:27-30). We are to flee from such senseless lusts (II Timothy 2: 22).

We do have a problem. We cannot get passed Jesus who happens to be the only access to God (John 14:6). Is there no way out? The preacher used the woman that had five husbands (John 4). Can it be any worse? What did Jesus tell the woman that committed adultery? “Sin no more!” (John 8:11). We must stop sinning before we have a right to appeal to grace (Romans 6:1-14). There is no place in Christ’s Kingdom for people that do not reform (Galatians 5:19-21). Christ’s sacrifice cleanses only those that are willing to be freed from their desire to sin (Hebrews 10:26).

One more thing we have become accustomed too. We want to make it an individual problem. This is absolutely impossible. The one million homeless children will be a national problem. They will be the result of the lack of sexual accountability. How long will it take even a sinful society to curb us from having children if we cannot support them? I did live under two regimes that practiced methods that actually were invented in America.

What is my point? It is simply this. We must stop telling each other what God can or will do when He has placed everything at our disposal and given us Laws to guide us (Genesis 1:26; Exodus 20). It is up to us to curb our senseless passions.