Babies represent God with us!

BABIES represent God with us!

Do babies go to heaven when they die? We have lost a grandson. He lived only one day. Religious leaders have done many things, like christening so they shall not be lost. It is an act that dedicates or places babies in God’s care. Beyond that, we have to trust someone that knew what happens. That one was Jesus, the Son of God, that came down to earth as a baby. Please note: It was in the baby that God was with man (Matthew 1:23). For that reason, we celebrate Christmas because it is the evidence that God loves us.

Christmas represents God’s reaffirmation of life. It originates in a woman’s womb and is protected by the Creator. No human being has the right to terminate a baby. Jesus declared that it would be better that such people were never born (Mark 9:42). Jesus spoke this to his disciples that prevented children from coming to Him. What do you think God will do to us when we interfere with life? Their angels are busy defending these little ones before God (Matthew 18:10). Every time a baby is born, we are reassured that God is with us. Therefore, every time a baby is aborted, we abort God. God cannot be separated from life (Matthew 22:32).

With regard to babies going to heaven, they have never left heaven. Babies are of or from the Kingdom of God (Matthew 19:14). They are God’s messengers of life to us. Babies were special to Christ and they should be even more so to us. It is Jesus’ promise that assures us that our grandson is with God and not some dream, vision or even a preacher. I am a retired minister and I do not know where babies go without trusting Jesus. He was and still is the only human being that knew and knows where babies go when they die or even terminated.

Christmas is a celebration, not just of a Savior that we desperately need, but also a recognition that life on earth continues by the grace of God. Christmas to me has a twofold meaning. It grants us life and salvation. I no longer worry over my departed grandson, a baby sister in a refugee camp and a ten-year old brother that was killed by a truck; but I do for my eight grandchildren that are alive and shall have to make choices in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to Christ Jesus. Please note Jesus’ emphasis on life. “I am the way and the truth and the LIFE! No one comes to the Father except through me.” Get to know Him!

Merry Christmas. God with us!