Christmas is about a baby – the Baby Jesus. Many believe that babies begin at conception. The Bible does not quite agree with that view. The Bible informs us that before the world came into existence, God already had in place every human being to be born. Conception of a human being took place in the mind of God (Ephesians 1:4). For that reason, every human baby is holy unto the Lord (I Corinthians 7:14). The Bible also tells us that the people God needs shall be born with God’s help and protection. By human capability, Sarah was too old to bear Isaac (Genesis 18:10-15). The baby Moses was saved by those that intended to kill him (Exodus 1:1-10). Hannah was barren; yet, she gave birth to Samuel (I Samuel 1). Then we have a virgin bear a son whom we worship as our Lord and Savior (Luke 1:26-38).

It is this special act of God that renewed my interest in the interaction of the angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary. Virgins, in particular, should acquaint themselves with Mary’s experience. In the eyes of the Lord, virginity is highly favored. There even is a special place in heaven for male virgins (Revelation 14:4). Those that are willing to bear and mother children are especially favored. Mary alone was chosen to be the Mother of the “Son of the Most High!” However, every virgin can be the mother of a follower and leader of the Most High. Even virgins that are coerced into a relationship like Hagar, God will bless her seed (Genesis 21:8-20). God may use that seed to teach the chosen people a lesson.

The climax in Gabriel’s disclosure is that conception is an act of God’s Spirit. God’s Spirit continues to make life possible. Babies begin in conception and not when they are born. It means that the Creator has a hand in the origin of every baby. Even when sexual violence has been committed, it does not alter the fact that God intended that baby to take its place in the world for a particular purpose. It is here where Mary set the supreme example of her role as a virgin-mother. She became a ready handmaid of the Lord to let Him make her baby into the man he ought to be in God’s cause.

One wonders what a modern pleasure – loving woman would have done? Dear lady, how would you feel on Christmas day when you realized that the baby in you was not intended? It may not have been your intention, but it definitely was God’s for you to fill your role in the Creator’s larger purpose. That baby you do not desire may be the blessing you shall need not just to face your Judge, but also that baby can make your life easier here on earth. Just say, “Thank You Lord God for the lesson of Christmas!”