Four Steps Down And One Step Up?


The prophetic Mark Twain was asked, “What would men be without women?” He answered, “Scarce.” I lived in three countries that had radical violent changes, but none as obvious and insidious as the one where I live now. It is happening as if it has to end the way of life of this nation.

Welcome to the nation that has created a model for self-destruction and rebirth. It is a process of four steps down and one step up. It began with an economy that restricted the number of children a family could afford. Birth control solved that problem efficiently. Rape opened the door to abortion and trimmed the population growth drastically. The legalizing of same-sex marriage, ends population growth altogether. There was hope in step four, with immigrants from the Latin World with more than two children per family. But that is being regarded as too costly for the nation. Therefore, we shall preserve America for Americans.

What has escaped all of us is the fact that without more children replacing the taxpayer roll, our nation shall cease to afford its own existence. But let that not concern us because this is still the only country that people, from all over the world, like to immigrate and make it their home. We shall, however, allow those to come to our shores that can pay their way, and also have the resources to sustain us and as well as our nation. Now, who on this planet qualifies for step one up? That is not at all too difficult to detect. Muslims meet the criterion. For paying the bills, they shall be granted special privileges. Before long their rapid growth, shall outnumber the depleting Americans and a new nation shall emerge with new laws, morals and a new God. Dissenters shall have a chance to join or depart for eternity. Muslims do not become Americans; Americans must become Muslims.

It will be a new day, especially for men that shall become Muslims. Women shall have to hide their beauty, bear more children, share their bed with other women and keep silent, at all times. There shall be a great revival in religion. People shall pray five times per day, everywhere and every place. The atmosphere of reverence for the President or Dictator and leaders shall permeate the nation. That alone may be worth the change that this nation needs. Also, there will be no more shortage of energy for the lack of drilling. Can we possibly imagine, that a Muslim U.S.A. shall ship for profit, to win over China, American oil and gas? Well, am I dreaming? I think not.