Mary and Jesus

Mary’s question: “Where have you put my Lord?” is still relevant.

1).  We can keep Christ in the grave and roll a stone in front like the priests and the Romans did and even place guards in front. We can build a memorial and a theology around Him and release Him when a need arises.

 2).  We like to keep Jesus in a dormant state, so He cannot interfere in our affairs. Just keep Him as if He were a
lucky charm.

 3).  We can place Christ in a garden or in a
beautiful building where a staff takes care of Him. That shall keep Him
away from the world. 

4).  We can do better and give Jesus to his disciples or his followers. In that case he shall belong to a particular denomination or religious movement. Who can argue with the faithful?

5).  Mary had the best idea. She wanted Jesus all to herself.  She would have a special shrine for him in her garden or home and bring fresh flower every day for as long as she would have been able. It was a noble thought

6). There is one more and it is at the top of our
list; namely, Christ has to live in our hearts. The two men from Emmaus
felt that He was in their hearts. Only that feeling of His presence did not
last. It was merely a burning.     

The truth of the matter is that no one, no heart and no place can contain Jesus. Like Mary, Cleopas or Simon, we could be in His presence and we would not know it.  He belongs to the world and not to any single individual or a group. The individual or the group must belong to Him. He decides with whom He wants to meet where and when. Some one wrote: “He has been set loose in the world and no one can stop Him.  He may be at our side and we don’t know it. He may be teaching us and not recognize him.  He may even be in our home and share our bread and we don’t see Him.  What can be wrong with us?  As long as we dish out what we should digest what chance does He have to break bread with us or show Himself who He really is?