Deception shall abound

Jesus warned us to watch out for
deceivers, false Christs and false signs or miracles (Mk.13; Mt.24;
7:15-23).  If we are ashamed of Him and
His word, he will reciprocate (Mk.8:38; Lk.9:26).  If we confess Christ before man, he will confess us before the
angels and God (Mt.10:32-33; Lk.12:8-9). 

A special effort will be made to bypass the Law of God by limiting it to specifics.  For example,  adultery (moicheuw) is not just stepping outside a marriage but violating God’s creative act of wanting more than one partner.  He sanctioned only one male and one female.  Hence, “You shall not commit adultery” also means you shall not engage in sex with any man, woman or beast because it is an abomination to God (Lev.20:13).  Man’s body is the temple of God’s Spirit and not an object of sex-perversion.  Sex-perversion is not just a sin against man but against God and it infringes on most of the other laws.  In addition to dishonoring and disobeying God and parents, adulterers and adulteresses covet, steal, lie and even end up killing for sex. (Mt.5:17-20; 05:27-30; 19:3-6; 1.Cor.6:12-20; Ps..51; Ja.2:8-11).  By the way, disobedience to God is also called adultery (Is. 57:3-5; Jer.7:9-15; Jer.23:9-12; Ez.23:42-44; Rev.2:20-24). 

It is the great harlot or mother of prostitution and confusion (Rev.17).

A spirit will be at work that is not the Spirit of God or of Christ (Eph.2:2).  They will form alliances but not of the Spirit of God (Is.30:1).  Proclaim a false message and false hope (Ez.13:3-7).  It will be a spirit of prostitution that will detain them from returning to God or repent from their sin (Hos.5:4).  There will be false prophets (Mt.7:15; 24:11; Rev.16:13; 19:20).  There will come false apostles and false teachers (2.Cor.11:13; 2.Pe.2:1-3).  There will also be a false Christ (Mt.24:24; Mk.13:22).  There will even be a false trinity, the beast, the prophet and the dragon (Rev.16:12-114).  Do not believe every spirit. Test them. (1.Jn.4:1-13).  This is what Jesus said the Spirit of God will do: (Jn.14:15-26; 16:5-15).  The scary part is that all sins can be forgiven, even speaking against the Son of Man; but not the sin against the Holy Spirit (Mt.12:31-32; Lk.12:10). 

shall be a world of confusion where good shall become bad and bad good
(political and social correctness) (Ro.1). 
It will be like in the days of Noah and Lot (Mt.24:37-38;
Lk.17:26-28).  It will be Babylon on
earth or worldwide confusion, namely the home of every foul spirit and
(Rev.18).  Especially the Church of
Jesus Christ will be driven into the desert or from her primary mission
in the
world (Rev.2-3; 12).  The dragon will
strip her of her influence and turn her into another social
organization.  Satan will do everything to destroy faith in
Jesus the Christ (Lk.18:8).   Christians
will abandon the Scriptures and follow deceiving spirits
(1.Tim.4:1).  Sound Biblical teaching will not be tolerated
(2.Tim.3:12-17; 04:1-5).  A Christ-like
language will be used to enhance deception 

(Ro.3:13; 16:18).  Mostly human
interests shall be served at the expense of good morals (1.Cor.3:18;
6:9-20).  Bad company will corrupt good
character (1.Cor.15:33).  Leaders will
be deceitful and Satan will masquerade as an angel of light
(2.Cor.11:13).  Man will reap what he sows (Gal.6:7).  Too
many opinions will keep people from
adopting the attributes of Christ (Eph.4:14). 
The falling away from the Church has begun, the lawless Antichrist is
actively leading the rebellion (2.Thes.2:3-11).  God has allowed
this delusion and has taken away His Spirit from
among us (2.Thes.2:10-11).  Those that
do no longer confess Jesus, keep on sinning and allow themselves to be
astray are following the devil (1.Jn.1-5). 

Be not hardened by deceitfulness (Heb.3:13) or a spirit of stupor
(Rev.11:8).  Due to the similarities
with Christ, people will not even realize that they are worshipping the

Our prayer ought to be, “Grieve not the Holy Spirit” (Eph.4:30) and please Lord, “Do not take Your  Holy Spirit from us” (Ps.51:11).

Please look up and read all the
references.  There is no substitute for
self-study and interpretation.