Where To?


Years ago, a cartoon showed two chimps left on a mountain in Tibet, after man had blown himself up. While they looked at each other, the inscription beneath them had the male ask, “Shall we start all over again?” The female replied, “Are we crazy?”

Again, we fear a nuclear disaster. But that is not my greatest fear. My fear is “Where To” when this nation no longer protects my right to practice my faith freely? The greatest of all fears is to fear God who shall hold all humans accountable (Matthew 10:28). I belong to those that are convinced that the founders of this nation allowed God to lead them and that is why the nation prospered and attracted most of us to make this land our heritage. I have no doubt that hither to the Lord has helped this nation, but “Where To” next (I Samuel 7:12)?

A nation without divine supervision looses its direction and purpose. In 1940, we were living in a German Refugee Camps. The Nazis brought back their Germanic pagan gods and these had no use for baby girls and old people. They simply vanished. Among them were my baby sister, my grandfather, and great-grandfather. I was nine at that time when I watched sixteen little caskets being carried away in one day. Without the fear of a just God, humans do deplorable things to each other. That is why I am a Christian who firmly believes that God shall hold me accountable (I Corinthians 15:19).

Furthermore, it is not every deity that grants us freedom, life, and the right to prosper. It is essential that we follow the teaching of Jesus and the God He represented. God was a Father image of peace and good will among men. He was impartial and just, merciful and forgiving towards all of mankind. The Hebrews believed that God loved and cared only for them. All the other nations had to be obliterated. Only their religion was tolerated. The Muslim God also demands blind obedience and no toleration of other religions or ideologies. Please do not assign the blame on God, but on people like Moses and Muhammed that set themselves up as interpreters of God’s Will for us. That was precisely where Jesus differed. Jesus vehemently disagreed with the understanding of his predecessors of what the Will of God was for mankind. Repeatedly Jesus declared, “You have heard it said, but I tell you” what God really wants from saint and sinner alike (Matthew 5:17-48; 19:3-9). God has no two sets of rules! God has only one rule and that shows us the way to survive (Romans 2:1-11).