Conservatives resent it when the President apologizes for some of the actions the U.S.A. has taken in the past. They are particularly upset when he depicts Americans as being snobbish. Americans have played more than a vital role for more than a century and deserve recognition. But that does not mean that all American actions and decisions were flawless. The idea that God may have been in charge over this nation is a myth. The founders endorsed Judeo-Christian principles that met their needs. They wanted liberty, but not for the Slaves and the Indians. The way the whites disowned the natives was not exactly ethical. They violated the Tenth Commandment over and over.

The founders preached human equality; yet, they practiced discrimination. They were not just against the Blacks and the Indians, but also against the Roman Catholics and the Baptists. Two hundred years would pass before a Roman Catholic or a Baptist could become President. It would take another fifty years for a Black man to hold that office. The Supreme Court shall soon have six Roman Catholics. But this does not mark the end of discrimination. Now it is aimed at everything that is Christian, particularly against Jesus. It is all-right to be a politically correct Christian, but not a fundamentally or Biblically Conservative Christian.

The Conservative Media keeps insisting that we are a Christian nation, because statistics indicate that over 80% believe in God. They neglect to tell us that the majority believes that the Judeo-Christian God and the Muslim God are one and the same. Only Muslims cannot endorse the present day morality of this nation. They do accept the Old Testament Law and the Teaching of Jesus, but not what is being practiced in this country. They will not honor a person that has killed 60,000 babies or allow a soldier to kill one of his own. Muslims will not let atheists and hedonists destroy the minds of our youth in our schools. I am deeply troubled at what my grandchildren are facing in this so-called good Christian nation?

The President’s assessment of our false pride is mild. He is also correct in not calling the U.S.A. a Christian nation. However, he might want to be extremely cautious in assuming that his progressive liberal agenda shall receive any support from Orthodox Muslims. This nation may be ready for a Muslim President, but not for the Muslim Laws. We must stop praising ourselves and start repenting, asking God in Christ for a second chance.