Liberators? Happy Fourth!

LIBERATORS? Happy Fourth!

We had fled run from the Soviets for several months, and found a place, in the heart of Germany, just in time for my brother to be born. It was in the afternoon while I had to hold my brother that I heard a commotion in the street. I opened the door and a strange soldier pointed a gun in my face and said, “Boy, baby.” Our liberators, the Americans had arrived. We put out white sheets as flags and cheered. One soldier spoke Polish and we were right at home. Only by nightfall, the Americans withdrew and a month later they handed our territory over to the Russians and we were on the flee again. From then on, my family hoped to move to the country that liberated us. We all made it to Canada, and then I came to the U.S.A. alone.

I fell in love with this huge and beautiful land. It allowed me to study and I became what I wanted to be. I could speak freely and practice my faith openly. I was apprehensive about discrimination, but I took it to be a natural process of melting cultures, races, and religions into a larger unity. I also liked very much that a document and not a group of humans granted me the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yes, it was the land that I began to call my own, where I would raise a family and add to and not take away from her well being. I came to give whatever God blessed me with to this country and not exploit it or be a burden to it.

After fifty-one years, the political scene of the U.S.A. has drastically changed. Our liberators are now in need of being liberated from the ideologies they liberated us from, some sixty years ago. The Republic is no longer run by the Constitution but by progressive legislators with special interests of the two parties merely to secure votes. These in power are generous with those that put them there. Justice now rests with the opinions of progressive judges that totally reject the Judeo-Christian code of ethics. Attempts are in the works to silence the opposition and in particularly any reference to the founder of Christianity. Lifestyles are being forced on me contrary to my freedom and my conscience. New restrictions and taxations shall place me in the same predicament that I left behind in Eastern Europe. It was a time when we had two cows and we were regarded as being rich. From all indications, we shall not even be able to keep one cow. We were all equalized, but not those that were doing the equalizing.

Can a nation rise from ashes? Others did with help from this nation, but who is going to help us?