Inclination to Sin!


The story about Noah and the Flood was caused by man’s inclination to do evil all the time, (Genesis 6:5). That tendency begins in childhood (Genesis 8:21). It is equally present among the godly and the un-godly (Genesis 6:2, 4). When the two merge, a new breed emerges with a new taste for sin and they declare it legal (Genesis 6:4; Romans 1:32).

Prior to the Flood, there were the sons of God and the daughters of men. The godly men succumbed to sexual pleasures. Physical beauty became more important than morality. This brought about corruption, violence and wickedness. It grieved God that He had created man and God decided to redo the project (Genesis 6:1-13). Only the inclination to sin did not halt. Noah became inebriated and exposed himself (Genesis 9:21). The power of sex over men has consequences. Sarah, Abraham’s wife, had kings desire her and her husband obeyed her. Delilah sold out Samson. Women brought down Eli’s priesthood (I Samuel 2:22). The Patriarch-women (Rebekah and Rachel) ran the lives of their sons, grandsons, and great grandsons. Beth Sheba had David in her power and the Queen of Sheba played with Salomon. It is all documented in the Bible.

Critics expect nothing else from the Bible. To them, it is against sexual pleasure. If that is the case, why then did Muhammad cater to his women and especially to his nine-year old bride who is responsible for documenting all his teaching? Without her, there may not have been a Quran. The Church of England with the King as the Head started over women. A woman founded Christian Scientology. Several women revived Pentecostalism. We have many Christian TV programs run by women. The women can raise their skirts and no one dares to object. Morality no longer is an issue. Now, if among religious people the tendency to accept the inclination to sin is prevalent, how much more is it in the secular world? For instance, what is the biggest news in Hollywood? It is the justification of the desire for the flesh. It is the display of the female body that is being rewarded and even crowed. It has cast morality into turmoil and enslaved many a decent men.

How has all this come to pass? Like in the days of Noah, the children of God and Christians have yielded to the children of the world and continue to perpetuate the inclination to do evil (Matthew 24:10-12). They are no longer under God’s supervision (Romans 1:24-32). It is entirely up to men and women to be either good or bad, and then only in this world (Revelation 22:11).