Don’t Touch!


Young people should wear signs, “Look, but do not touch!” The Creator must have had a sense of humor. He made a beautiful and desirable creature Adam called “women” and then commands, “Hands off!” You can look, peak, but not desire or touch. If you do, your eyes will fall out (Matthew 5:27-30).

God does not have a sense of humor. He is dead serious about not touching a woman because she was created to bear human life on earth. There is no higher purpose in the Bible than to bear children (Genesis 1:28). A woman’s purity may determine the condition of her offspring. God, Himself, when He sent His Son into the world, chose a virgin to accomplish His Purpose (Luke 1:27). Man is not like a bee that fertilizes many flowers. Man is only allowed one virgin. And a virgin should not let the bees mess up her life and ruin her beauty. God only joined one couple and they were both virgins (Matthew 19:4-6).

It was after their marriage that they touched (ate) something that caused the uproar in heaven. Instantly their lives, life-styles, and environment changed. And if we were to look for a reason that brought this about, it must have been that they had violated their virginity. The problem was not an apple, but the green pair. Eve toyed with a representative of Satan and it was what she did that brought enormous shame to the first couple and they hid from their Maker. They knew they had done wrong and were ashamed to pass it on to their offspring. That is why we still are guessing what they actually did. But they touched the tree of knowledge. Can we regard nakedness, guilt, shame, and blame as knowledge? Is it not more likely that what they experienced in the act of disobedience was the cause that changed everything for them? The scene reminds us of a virgin that is left holding the consequences. God did not then nor does He today blame one for the touch (Genesis 3; John 8:7).

Our culture thrives on pre-marital and post-marital touching. Virgins are being encouraged to sacrifice themselves for the sake of acclamations. Now virgins hide from the public and keep their decency hidden. There is great news for virgins that defy promiscuity. God has a special place for virgins in His world (Revelation 14:4). For those that defile the marriage bed, heaven has no place (Hebrews 13:4: Revelation 22:15). Even the world mocks Christians that yield and touch the forbidden fruit.