Only God can defeat it

The enemy that our Western leaders, whether political or religious, cannot, will not, and even camouflage, has made an inerasable footprint in the Western World. It is the kind of enemy that if one of its agents is killed they expect a medal from their god. President Bush was not the first that stepped into the enemy’s trap; however, he was the first for identifying the nature of the enemy and keeping the enemy from inflicting more harm on the world. Regretfully, he used a costly army to keep the enemy at bay. It thus bleeds the resources of this nation and falls further into the enemy trap. The enemy, which is small in numbers, has no reservation or scruples with regard to methods or weapons in order to spread its ideology. It has only one message to the world: “submit or die.” The enemy began to show its teeth with President Carter in Iran and has ever since kept nipping at the heart of the U.S.A. Only it was never identified as a religious ideology but as being criminal. Identifying this enemy with the leader of Iraq was unwarranted because he too was on the enemy’s hit list. The cost to remove Saddam Hussein was what this enemy hoped the U.S.A. would do. This war has not just divided the nation, but it had blinded the people with the idea that this enemy means the nation no harm. The enemy has successfully infiltrated the liberal humanistic news media by turning its propaganda on Bush and the nation. To the pro-enemy media, the enemy is a harmless little group that is being bullied by the giant U.S.A. Yesterday, Obama, first Afro-American, became President. How will he deal with this uncompromising enemy? He has two options only: surrender or fight. His wisdom shall be in how he fights? Can this enemy be defeated? From my background, this enemy is more devastating than Polish nationalism (where we were persecuted), the Russian Communism (that killed my father-in-law), and the German Nazism (that actually saved our lives). This evil could be defeated; however, not the present religious ideological enemy. According to the Book of Revelation, there shall be a war when one third of humanity shall be destroyed. But at the end, the God of the Bible shall deal with this enemy Himself. For the time being, religious freedom (specially for Jews and Christians) is in the balance.