Need Disciples

Our Church is in the process of catching up with the time.  It has at long last agreed that it has too many heads that run too many boards and committees.  It is a problem when all the heads want to be chiefs.  It is also a problem when one head is the only chief.  What then is the solution?

In the secular world, we elect individuals with appeals and not with expertise.  The elected then seek out experts to their liking and the results vary from hits and misses.  Our economic, moral, political and social conditions are the result of our heads in high places.  The Bible does not advocate election but selection (Nu.18: 17-26).  Jethro advised Moses, “But select capable men from all the people – men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate gain – and appoint them as officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens.”  The system worked well until the people wanted a head, that then appointed his own crowd and the nation went into chaos, defeat and then into oblivion. 

Jesus introduced a much simpler concept of leadership.  He began at the bottom with simple people and not at the top with the leaders.  Peter, a fisherman, was put in charge over nine disciples.  John the beloved disciple was not included (Jn.21: 15-22).  In fact, Jesus himself managed only twelve men that had no leadership experience (Mk.3: 13-19).  He sent forth seventy-two others to spread the message only (Lk.10: 1-12).  Jesus was not overly concerned with organizing: but He was with gaining students and teaching them obedience to His commands (Mt.28: 19-20).  Paul selected and counseled to appoint leaders that could teach others to be missionaries locally, nationally and internationally (Tit.1: 5; Ac.1: 8).

What does a Church need?  It needs one head or leader like a father figure, a number of teachers and a host of missionaries or witnesses, called disciples. Contrary to what Jesus ordered, our priorities have become worship, fellowship and serving one another.  They are edifying and legitimate; but they do not fill the Churches with new disciples.  And these new disciples were to be taught where they lived and not in places where only Christians assemble (Mt.10: 11-14).  Jesus wanted to be shared with the world and not between each other.  Heads do not share very well, people at the bottom do.