In Limbo

Mr. President, you were placed in a unique position to grant our kind the right to live. In stead, by your stroke of the pen, you committed us to in limbo. For the sake of passion and pleasure you allowed our mothers to strangle us in their wombs. You see, we shall never be children, youths, adults, or grow old. No thanks to you, we shall never enjoy childhood, youth or adulthood. We shall never watch or participate in games or even dream about having fun. We shall never marry or have families. We shall not even leave behind names to be remembered. Some of us would even have been named after you and your lady or your children.

Mr. President, why did we have to die and stain your hands and those of our mothers’ with our blood? Why were we shipped off to float in limbo when we could have become profitable citizens in your reign? We could have served God and humanity, even helped pay for your retirement. We may even have had new ideas that could have improved your world and raised your standard of living. We could have made you proud and even popular. Yes, we could have done that and more had you not terminated our existence by the stroke of your pen. You turned us into nothing and now we are no more.

Mr. President, we are no longer in your world. We are suspended in limbo. You never gave us the chance to learn to speak, sing or even pray. We never were given a chance to ask God to let us into His heaven. How then shall we spend eternity without expressing our wish to be in Paradise? What pains us most of all is that we shall not be able to forgive you or pray for you that you be forgiven for what you have done and are doing to our kind. We know that you do not know what you were and are doing.

Mr. President, you cannot change our lot, but you can let live those that shall come after us. Please, send no more innocent and unwanted beings into in limbo.  It is not a place we were intended for. Have a heart. Have mercy.