Through People

Jesus promised that when He was lifted up he would draw all men unto himself (Jn.12: 32).  He also said that no one could come unless the Father draws him (Jn.6: 44).  Then Jesus prayed for those that would believe in the message of his followers (Jn.17: 20).  And to Thomas He said, “Blessed are those that have not seen but have believed” (Jn.20: 29). How then does the drawing of people to Christ and God does take place?  How does God teach us to follow Christ (Jn.6: 45)?

There is a sequence of events.  The Old Testament divine appearances ended with John the Baptist (Mt.11: 13) and Jesus the Christ was God’s final word to humanity (Heb.1: 1-4).  No other name shall be given in heaven or on earth whereby humans can be saved (Ac.4: 12).  Jesus began to build His Church (Mt.16; 18).  Peter has been given the keys to the kingdom (Mt.16: 19) and placed in charge of the flock (Jn.21: 15-23).  The Holy Spirit will assist in producing the message about Jesus that the disciples or witnesses shall hand down (Jn.14: 26; 20: 31).  All the disciples were given the authority to forgive and be forgiven (Jn.20: 23).  The disciples were sent out as witnesses in the world and make disciples (Ac.1: 8; Mt.28: 16-20).  Last but not least Paul was sent to the gentiles (Ac.9: 15-16).  All of these were tools the Lord used to draw people to Him.

Thus far only the leaders were drawing people to follow Christ.  What about the other believers?  It is this: “No one can draw us to God or Christ but we ourselves.” The leaders cannot save us nor will the Christ unless we draw nigh unto Him.  God is in a fixed position and only man can draw to Him.  And then only in Christ can we draw, for He alone has the power to save (Heb.7: 19, 25).  Above all we must clean up before we draw nigh unto God and invite others to come with us (Ja.4: 8).  We are the light of the world and the only voices that the world can hear (Mt.5: 14; Ro.10: 18).  According to the Scriptures we all draw or make choices that determine where we shall spend eternity.  It is the message we preach and the life we lead that draws people to the Lord.