Dear Readers


Your comments and interests in my posts are appreciated and valued. I am not able to reply to all of you. However, a comment like a “red hue” raises concern. As a boy, we were ordered by the Nobles on their horses in Poland to chase the animals into the open so they could kill them. It was a warning cry. Later, the Bolsheviks and Nazis hunted our people and confiscated our properties. In that sense, my posts are “red hues” but also “red flags.”

Christianity and this nation are on a fast track speeding toward a dead end. We are losing our freedom and prosperity. Our Conservative media is being taken in by the fear of socialism while a much greater Muslim takeover is in the process. Our Liberal media is sound asleep or afraid to face reality. Consider this. Small bands of hardened Communists took over Russia and even a smaller group of Nazis took over Germany. Compare this to 16 to 20 percent in our country that regard us as undesirable. Add to this fact that 48 percent now depend on this progressive movement for a livelihood. Now, tell me, how all this will end?

The hunt is on and we are the hunted. Particularly Christians are being stripped of their rights to defend themselves. The Christians are still the biggest roadblock to Islam. Without the Christians, the Progressives have no chance against a people whose faith demands taking the life of another human being as an entrance into heaven. It is beyond most of our grasp what we are up against.

Thanks for the comment, a “red hue.” It is a warning cry!