The Philistines with Goliath as their weapon intimidated King Saul and the Israeli army. David the shepherd boy leveled the giants with his sling and a small rock. He took on Goliath because he believed that God was on his side (I Samuel 17). Someone needs to awaken America and the Western World that the Jihads believe Allah is on their side.

Iraq, we are still told, had no weapons of mass-destructions. Well, did they use slingshots when they sent their missiles into Israel? Did the Jihads ride on broomsticks into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon? What kind of a weapon can we use against more than a billion human bombers? There is no weapon against a mentality that must earn a place in eternity by eliminating the enemies. This war is not about weapons but about life and survival. It has again become a person against person conflict over ideology or religion (Matthew 10:21).

I lived in a war zone for almost five years. The German army was well equipped but it was no match for saboteurs and partisans. These resistant loners did not announce to the press where and when they would disable a supply train or even a crop ready to be harvested for the army. The Germans hunted them endlessly, killed many innocent people in the process but never apprehended any of the perpetrators. In the end, the Germans ran for their lives leaving stranded airplanes, tanks and vehicles for want of gasoline. In our meadows there was a spare railroad track. We did not dare ask for whom those tankers were waiting? They must have been handy for the Russians.

We have a right to be puzzled at the irrationality that has gripped our world. No one has ever faced so many kamikaze warriors. They are no longer isolated cases. For them it is a way of life to earn merits for heaven. Our world is not accustomed to such sacrificial loyalty to a cause. To the majority, that does not wish to be informed, it appears to be a temporary situation. One day they shall wake up and it shall all be as if nothing had ever happened. To a minority that had similar encounters, this is the onset of “The Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath” (Revelation 16). For the Jihads, it shall be the triumph of Islam, marked by the return of the Mahdi (one like Jesus). For Christians, Christ shall seek revenge at Armageddon (Revelation 16:16). Prior to that conflict the Western Hemisphere shall succumb to the enemies of Christ and shall be governed from Babylon (World Headquarters) (Revelation 17:17). Babylon shall fall by the very hands that raised it (Revelation 17:16; 18). And it will not be decided with nuclear weapons but with brother against brother and parents against their children (Matthew 10:21). Technology is becoming too expensive for warfare. Human bombers are much cheaper and they already live everywhere waiting for their signal. Please, read the Book of Revelation. It has some very interesting and frightening clues. No one can change destiny. Then more than anything, we must stop pretending that God is on our side. Have we not erased Him from the annuals of our land?