A Parable for a Nation

The “Parable of the weeds” fits our nation like a glove
(Matthew 13:24-30). Jesus had the “Kingdom of Heaven” in mind, but the facts apply
to any nation that was founded doing what is right. A farmer sowed good seed,
then he made the mistake of going to sleep. While he slept, his enemy sowed
weeds. When the wheat began to bud, the weeds also appeared. The servants
wanted to know what had gone wrong and the farmer knew exactly who was behind
the fiasco. The servants wanted to go and remove the weeds and the farmer
realized instantly that it was impossible to separate the weeds from the wheat
without harming the crop. Only at harvest time can the two be separated.

The result was that even the “Kingdom of Heaven” must put up
with evil until Judgment Day. This has been very much the case with the
good–old USA. While Christians slept, in the last election, 9,000,000 did not
vote, humanistic liberalism sowed its seed and permeated the dough to a degree
that one no longer can distinguish between good and evil or right and wrong.
Now we have the impossible task of serving two masters, (Matthew 6:24). A nation
that is divided cannot stand (Matthew 12:25). The sad part is that the
conservatives, in both parties, compromise with a minority of liberals for a
handful of advantage seekers.

It is all based on the fallacious idea of separation between
Church and state. It is fallacious because there is no “Constitutional basis.” It
is also fallacious in referring to Jesus’ statement, “Render to Caesar the
things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s” (Mark 12:17). The
secular government is not anti-God, but of God. The government is God’s arm of justice that
rewards those that do good and punishes those that do evil things (Romans 13:1-7).
Jesus, Himself, paid taxes to Caesar (Matthew 22:17). If one could not be faithful
when one is in charge of secular things, who then in religious matters will
trust us with spiritual things (Luke 16:11)?

Let us return to the “Parable of the weeds” and see where we
stand. Since we have become politically correct and morally irresponsible, we
are in a state of no return. Our situation of fusing weeds with wheat is
irreversible. No nation has ever come back except for Nineveh that repented
(Jonah 3). How can a nation repent when it is convinced that it is politically
correct? How can it even see when its weeds are too high?