Gobalization is another Babel


We have arrived! The “Age of Babel” has returned. Remember “The Tower of Babel” where the human race tried to merge into one nation under one head and with one headquarters. Fortunately, God capsized the attempt because He is for a variety and nations that can govern themselves without interference from others more powerful forces. 

Our “Babel” is located in New York City and in The Hague. It parades under the harmonious name “The United Nations.”  It already is telling sovereign nations, like Mexico, when and how to use their armies. It has nations like the U.S.A. and Britain police the world. And it has these policing nations pay a high price for the service they render to the world. These nations are long overdue to bring their service people home and let the world police itself. 

The idea that we must war elsewhere to protect our land no longer is tenable. We no longer war on battlefields, but in religious absolutism that transcends borders. Jesus predicted that brother would turn against brother, father against his children, daughters against their mother and so on (Matthew 10:34-36). It is the attempt of one religion to gain world dominance with the help of the U.N. The only deterrent shall be The Truman idea of handling a crisis. We are not going to beat these radicals by throwing apples at them.

Nations should be able to trade freely and exchange ideas voluntarily. No system should be allowed to dominate others via extermination. This is an area where the U.N. has been an absolute failure. Its policy is similar to the liberal’s gun control bill that deprives citizens of the right to defend themselves against criminals. The U.N. should take a page from U.S.A. federalism. Too much government in Washington is beginning to interfere with the states and that threatens the union.

Before we globalize, let us remember “Babel.” It is a blueprint for confusion (Genesis 11: 1-9).