Ask The Bible


From the beginning of human history, leaders have exercised the power to absolve debt, guilt and sin.  Christians believe that Jesus has the power to absolve his followers of all transgressions.  What about those that do not live according to His prescription?  Are there sins that neither Jesus nor anyone else can absolve?   Particularly in our day, can our leaders that are indiscreet about their transgressions, be absolved?  What does the Bible teach about sexual impropriety?  There are several areas that do not fall under Jesus’ jurisdiction.

First and foremost, there is the sin against the Holy Spirit, namely; against God that shall not be forgiven (Mt.12; 32; Jn.4: 24). “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows” (Gal.6: 7).

Secondly, those that cause or force others to sin are better off if they hang a millstone about their neck and drown themselves (Lk.17: 1-4).  To destroy a human being is the same as destroying the work of God (Ro.14: 19-21).  Those that cause sin and do evil shall be removed from Christ’s domain (Mt.13: 41).

Thirdly, those that defile marriage and pervert sex, God will judge (Heb.14: 4).  God only sanctioned the sexual union between one man and one woman (Mt.19: 4-6).  Just to desire someone, other than one’s mate has serious consequences (Mt.5: 27-32).  Particularly, those that molest others shall not be able to answer for their heinous crimes (II Tim.3: 6). 

Fourth and last are those that rob others of their faith in Jesus would be better off if they followed those in number two (Mk.9: 42-48).  To demolish the faith of a believer in Christ is the same as sending them to hell.  This is a serious charge even against Christians (Ro.14: 9-18).  It is also difficult to regain faith once a believer has become delinquent (Heb.6: 4-6).