Who is Insulting?


When we are in the wrong, we all are easily insulted. We do not like to be reminded; particularly, when Bible believers compare our life-style with incest. Jesus told those that felt insulted that they had a beam in their eyes and were trying to pull a splinter from those less guilty (Matthew 7:3-5). Even if it is a splinter, it is out of place. We are all guilty of some infraction (James 2:10; Romans 3:23) and if we deny it then we lie (I John 1:8-12). We should be grateful for those in our midst that are brave enough to stop us from ending up in a place where we shall not like to be (James 5:19-20).

We must stop blaming those that still proclaim the Bible. They are only doing their duty (Ezra 3:16-21) and they do it because they love us (Hebrews 13:17). If we revile them, we actually honor them because they suffer what their predecessor suffered (Matthew 5:11-12). They tell us that God does not want anyone of us to perish but that we all should repent (II Peter 3: 9; Luke 13:5). If we think we are being unfairly compared, then let us accuse the source (Exodus 18-20). The people in Jesus’ day made the same argument and Jesus referred them back to Moses (John 5: 45-47). Even Moses did not have a leg to stand on when he pleased the male population (Matthew 19:7-9). That minor infraction kept the greatest man in the Bible (apart from Jesus) from entering Canaan (Deuteronomyn 34).

What does God think of our claim that we are being insulted and compared with a heinous sin? We must brace ourselves for we no longer exist.  We are dead because of sin and trespassing (Ephesians 2:1). We are alienated from God (Ephesians 4:18). God has completely eliminated everyone that defies His Laws and Jesus, His Son (Romans 1:18-32). No unholy one shall enter God’s world (I Timothy 1:8-11). Those among us, who persist to justify their ways, that are contrary to God’s Laws, are under the jurisdiction of the devil and are outside the Kingdom of Heaven (John 8:42-47; Revelation 22:15). The only way to get back into God’s favor and God’s grace is through faith in Jesus the Christ! And Christ demands that we repent and sin no more (Mark 1:15; John 5:14; 8:11). But if we insult God, who is Spirit. then there is no forgiveness (John 4:24; Matthew 12:31).