Holy Ground


Jesus said, “Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces” (Mathew 7:6; NIV). The Nativity is Holy Ground (Matthew 1:18, 23). And the Nativity should not be displayed in places where it is being ridiculed by humanbeings that believe they descended from animals. A nation that no longer adheres to the teachings of the Bible has no right to display the “Birth of the Benefactor” of this nation. Christians must stop throwing pearls at godless human beings, wipe the dust of their feet and move on (Matthew 10:14). 

From a fair rational perspective, a recent NBC poll disclosed that 86% against 14% want to retain God on money and in the pledge of allegiance. When will Christians stop being subjugated to a small group of atheists? When will we all realize that Atheism is as much a religion as is “Theism” or any other “Ism.” It takes more faith to believe in evolution based on theories than in Creation based on faith. It is ironic that a nation that seeks to separate itself from Judea-Christianity has been duped into the atheistic religion of secularism. It is tragic that rational humanism has yielded to irrational animalism. The state has stopped from displaying Christian principles. When will the leaders realize to stop Atheistic dogma from destroying our nation?

My point is this. If this nation wants to be free from religion, then why does it subject itself to Atheism? You will say that is not possible because we need laws to live by. You are correct! We must choose between God, mammon, and atheism (Luke 16:13). From the beginning of time, nations under “Theism” in different forms and ways have survived while those under Atheism have not. How can confessing Christians lead a nation by Atheistic rules? The fact that Atheism is not tolerant of the Nativity should tell us all we need to know.