Lesson: Is America Next?

Reading about the fall of Israel in the Bible, one wonders whether America is about to learn a similar lesson. Are the events that Jesus predicted soon to be upon the world (Matthew 24:21-22)? We could learn from Israel when it became unfaithful to God and His Laws, a foreign nation took the Israelites into captivity. Some were lost forever and some were allowed to return after seventy years. It is interesting that the nations were I was born were also enslaved for seventy years by the Soviets. It is even more interesting that nations where Christianity flourished have, for the past fifty years, turned away from the Hebrew-Christian God and His Laws. According to the Biblical timetable, in twenty more years, a different system shall very likely take control of the U.S.A. and govern the world by the sword.

Please note carefully. Those of my age shall no longer be living, but our children and grandchildren shall encounter this change. It shall not be an invasion from space, or some earthly nation, but a religious force that shall grow from within the nations that have become godless. By immigration and multiple births, this religion loyal to their God shall grow in numbers and take over the nations. And once it is in power, it shall demand total obedience and submission to their God. All this shall take place while the Western Nations practice abortion and birth control. It is noteworthy that this religion like Christianity endorses life and loves children. Most nations, except the U.S.A., are already losing ground to this powerful religion.

What will the world learn from religion? It shall once more respect God, the Prophet (including Jesus), the holy men and the people that obey the Laws of God. Godless people shall again pray and stop violating the Law. Criminals shall no longer molest others nor shall they be permitted to live long lives in comfortable securities. Politicians shall no longer manipulate the nation or their constituencies. The women shall have the shock of their lives and so shall the liberals in Hollywood. They shall no longer be able to change husbands often nor drive cars at will. Again, they shall be mothers, Haussfraus and quiet concubines, minding their places at home. Yes, it shall be a new age for America and the world. It shall all happen while America wastes its energy and resources protecting the world. Sorry, I shall not be around to remind you, I told you so.