Hypothetical: Could this happen?

America, a miracle itself is also the land of miracles. Her people are the most forgetful citizens under the sun. They cannot remember from one election to another. Where others have failed, they try to succeed. By trial and error they do manage to come out on top. From time to time some one rises to the occasion and instills new hope and national pride. And as the nation ages so do her formats and young voices chime of another utopia.

Life in utopia is being perceived as carefree and happy. Initially, an enormous sacrifice of every well to do person shall become the foundation of this new land. The people shall become joined owners of everything. No one shall have anything he shall call his own. The wonderful thing will be that Uncle Sam shall be in charge and assign everyone his portion. Naturally, those managing the common good shall be allowed certain additional privileges. After all, it shall be to these minds that everyone can live in utopia. These minds shall encourage harmony and discourage descent. For a time it shall be, as if it were, a kingdom of peace and good will among men. It shall appear that equality and the pursuit of happiness have at long last arrived.

Just when the citizens of utopia have settle and adjusted to the utopian life-style, devastating news shall spread. The top minds shall have exhausted the coffers and bankrupt the country. To their dismay, the inhabitants learn that their leaders had built another utopia, a rich and luxurious one for themselves. In the process, the people became slaves of these utopian lords. Henceforth, they had no right, no say, and no vote.

Is utopia hypothetical or can it happen? I already lived under three utopias. We lost everything and my father-in-law his life. If one had more than two cows, he was rich. We could escape to America; but where to can the Americans flee? Before we rejoice, ponder this: Government spends $3 for an item, private industry takes 30 cent for an item. Under socialism in Russia, it cost $10 to produce or purchase an item. Our stepfather with 40 acres produced more grain than the community and he was arrested for sabotage. What an equalization system that is going to be?