Pleasing the Majority

Socialism advocates “the greatest good for the greatest number.” Just how applicable is such a premise?

For an opener, who decides what is the greatest good for the majority? Secondly, who pays for the good? And thirdly, what are the set rules that govern the leaders and the people? According to the founder of Christianity, no one is good but God alone (Mark 10:18). Jesus also held that a person could acquire good things in his heart and share them (Matthew 12:35). But without higher principles, leaders stray and become unfit (John 8:44). Especially Christians in public life and service must ask themselves, “Shall we follow the rules of men or the laws of God?”

The public or the majority in a democratic system is too divided and too diversified to agree on a common good. For that reason the majority does not govern the country, neither do those that were elected by the people. Rather, it is a document called the Constitution that with the help of appointed Judges runs the country. With the infusion of socialism, the nation is emerging as a socialistic republic, very much like the first great Roman Republic. Long before the Romans, Plato the Greek Philosopher wrote a script for a republic. And before Plato, Moses received a set of rules for a new nation. The Jewish nation succumbed to heartless capitalism. To the contrary, the U.S.A. is fit prey for hungry socialism. Too much of one or the other, and without each other, do not last.

The sad truth is that history is not being taken serious. The U.S.A. is not the first nor shall it be the last that is unable to remain friends with Mammon in order to survive – a lesson Jesus insisted on (Luke 16:9).