Reality Check!


A leader in a difficult situation, prayed in his native tongue, “Come Ye-self Lod, dis ain’t no time for boys.” It is painful for me to watch a huge ship run aground by leaders that act like boys, some even like children. I have lived under three such leaders that wrecked their ships and many drowned along with some relatives of mine. Many of the leaders, however, bailed out before we crashed. We were left standing like little dogs barking uselessly at the moon. Reality had checked in.

One nation elected such a leaders. They believed in his promises. Once he was in power, he used force to convert the country into a socialistic nationalism. Within twelve years he set the world on fire and destroyed the people that had elected him. If one was not supporting his labor party, one ended on death roll. Many of my people did not like what was happening, but to stay alive they too cheered. My father, for instance, was assured that after the victorious war his kind would disappear. For the time being, the party needed his services. When our amputated tailor could not greet a party member, he was kicked into a ditch. I was eleven at the time and marched in that party. The Capital had taken over banking, industry, business, farming and even religion. I was made to hop over a dedication fire, which was practiced by ancient tribes.

I thought you might like to know why I am praying that prayer for the Lord to come and help us. This is the second time that socialism is on the rise in the U.S.A. During the great depression, government took over banking, industry, supported labor unions and formed youth corps and enlarged supervisions. Fortunately, it failed and private enterprise returned. A similar ideology is recurring. But it is only the beginning of something far bigger than this world has ever encountered. Up till now, this country was the major obstacle to a socialistic world government. Our present leader shall open the floodgate and begin to march at the head of the procession. It also opens the door to a world religion already prepared to enslave all other faiths. And the tool that shall make all this possible is simple economics.