Ledger in Heaven: Why?


We love to hear that all our sins have been wiped away by Christ. If that is the case why did Jesus talk about keeping a ledger in heaven (Rev.20: 12)? It is true that the Psalmist, Paul or any other contributor to producing the Scriptures believed that God could and would deal with our transgressions in a forgiving and merciful way. There is no doubt that God is able, but is man able to maintain a covenant with God that would entitle him to be exempt from deeds that have to be settled? Is the cross the only settlement God shall require? Why then does heaven have a court where the books are opened (Da.7: 10)? And why will every one give an account of every careless word spoken (Mt.12: 36)?

Who keeps the ledger? God put Jesus in charge (Jn.5: 22-30). In Jesus’ revelation to John, Christ keeps a very accurate account of all the Churches (Rev.2 & 3). Jesus alone can erase a name from the Book of Life (Rev.3: 5). Only the followers of the Lamb shall have their names entered in the Book of Life (Rev.13: 8; 17: 8). In addition to the Book of Life (Rev.20: 12, 15) there are other books that are for those whose names are not found in the Book of Life Rev.20: 12). No one that is impure, deceitful or shameful shall find his/her name in the Lamb’s book (Rev.21: 27). Particularly those that deny Jesus’ message or revelation shall not be in the Book of Life (Rev.22: 18-20). Even Paul believed that some of his co-workers like Clement had their names already in the Book of Life (Phil.4: 3).

Jesus also declared, “No one comes to the Father except through me” (Jn.14: 6). In brief, Jesus decides whether our names get into the Book of Life. That means that we must make friends with Jesus and be of good standing, not just with Jesus but also with each other. We must begin with believing in Jesus and start doing what He did (Jn.14: 11-12). Jesus even stated that if one could not believe in Him, one better believe in what He was doing (Jn.10: 38). It is what Jesus has done for us that shall get our names into His book of salvation and a place in heaven. He purchased us with his blood so that we can serve God here on earth (Rev.5: 9-10). We qualify by loving Him and his and by living out his commands or teaching (Jn.14: 15-24). In the parables on the Virgins, Talents and the Sheep and the Goats, Jesus left it up to us how we prepare, invest our lives and serve others for getting His approval (Mt.24). We shall be identified by our fruit and not by our belief (Mt.7: 15-23; Ja.2: 14-20). The ledger records our deeds.